Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth Paltrow reveals her favorite Latinx food brand at the Golden Globes

The ‘Politician’ actress shared her go-to Latinx brand while chatting with Ryan Seacrest.

The Goop goddess, Gwyneth Paltrow, revealed at the 2020 Golden Globes what her go-to snack brand to munch on is while on the red carpet. The statuesque actress, while donning a daring and very shear brown dress, was chatting up with Ryan Seacrest when she shared that she loves Siete Foods. Siete Foods is a family-owned brand created by a Mexican-American family that makes everything from chips to hot sauce — all with premium, good-for-you ingredients.

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The Lifestyle Queen revealed that Siete Foods is her go-to Latinx food brand while discussing healthy food alternatives with Ryan Seacrest

The E! News red carpet correspondent asked the Shakespeare in Love actress what are some things that she keeps in her cabinets now that her children are growing into teens. Gwyneth shared that she tries to find healthy alternatives to many of their favorite foods (admitting that not all alternatives are feasible at times). That’s when the idea hit her — she lit up and remembered Siete Foods! She enthusiastically asked Ryan if he had heard of them, revealing that she loves them.

Blackened salmon tacos©@natteats / @sietefoods
Siete Foods is a Mexican-American family-owned business that uses real ingredients in everything they do

Siete Foods seeks to provide everyone with healthy options from tortilla chips to taco shells to dips (and much more) that are grain free (they use almond, cashew, cassava, chia and chickpea flour), gluten free, non-GMO using real food ingredients (which is another way of saying that you can pronounce what’s listed under the ingredients).