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Rumer Willis opens up about Bruce’s role as grandpa to her 1-year-old Lou

Her daughter turned 1 in April

Jovita Trujillo
Jovita Trujillo - Los Angeles
Senior WriterLos Angeles
MAY 29, 2024 8:12 PM EDT

The Willis family has grown, meaning Bruce Willis’ legacy is only stronger. The “Die Hard” star retired from acting in March 2022 following his aphasia diagnosis and has stepped away from public life. However, his daughter, Rumer Willis, is enjoying her time following his footsteps in the industry and has shared updates about how he is doing.  

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Rumer and Bruce in 2018

Rumer has a residency in June at the Café Carlyle in New York City, where she will sing songs from her debut album, ‘Rebel Days.’ The 35-year-old artist stopped by Today With Hoda & Jenna, where she opened up about her life. Rumer entered a new stage last year in April when she gave birth to a baby girl, Louetta Isley Thomas Willis, with her boyfriend, Derek Richard Thomas.

“Lou” celebrated her first birthday in April 2024 and has had the opportunity to grow up with both of her grandparents on her mom’s side. Rumer reflected on a recent trip, saying Bruce is “so good” with his granddaughter. She saw him on the way to NYC, where she witnessed a memory she will cherish forever when her mini-me walked over to her grandpa. “Lou is just starting to walk a little bit, and she was walking over to him, and it was so sweet,” Rumer told TODAY.

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Bruce, who turned 69 in March, is a father to five girls, sharing Rumer, Scout, and Tallulah with his ex-wife, Demi Moore, and Mabel and Evelyn with his current wife Emma Heming Willis. Rumer says she is watching him relive special moments with his granddaughter. “He’s a girl dad, through and through. I saw him with my sisters, my little sisters,” the singer continued.

Along with Moore, Rumer shared that seeing her parents become grandparents, “unlocks all of these childhood memories.” “Because being a grandparent, I think, is the best they have. All of the love and joy without any of the responsibilities,” she shared.

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Rumer Willis, Demi Moore, Bruce Willis, Scout Willis, Emma Heming Willis and Tallulah Willis

Sharing an update about his health, the mom of 1 said it was “ever evolving.” “I think the most beautiful aspect of this in a certain way is,” she began, clarifying that she can only speak for her family experiences, “I think sometimes our minds get in the way. Similarly to, you know, when you have a kid ... when there is not anxiety or stuff that’s there every day that we move with the world with the biggest connection we all feel through is through a depth of loving.” For Rumer, she says with Bruce, it’s all about their connection and the love they share, “It’s so powerful and so present,” she explained.