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Shakira’s kids Milan and Sasha already have plans for their ‘Acróstico’ royalties

The eleven and nine-year-old have big plans for their money

Shakira and Gerard Piqué’s children, Milan and Sasha, inherited their mom’s musical talent, making their debut in her song ‘Acróstico.’ The proud mom recently revealed that the eleven and nine-year-old not only accompanied her to the studio, but since they are in the song, they’re entitled to royalties.


The singer, who recently performed a free concert in Times Square, stopped by ‘The Tonight Show’ with Jimmy Fallon where she opened up about the special experience working with her sons. “I wrote a song for them called ‘Acróstico,’ and you know, sometimes they came by the studio and visited me while I was recording it. They listened to it, knew it was for them, and started singing into the microphone... they sounded so good,” she told Fallon.

It was the kid’s idea to be featured on it. “They told me, ‘Mom, we want to be on the album,’” she recounted. “So we recorded it. Then they also wanted to appear in the video, and now they’re asking about royalties.” Fallon quipped that they are “very clever kids,” and that’s when the happy mom revealed what they have planned with the money. “They’re saving up. They each have a piggy bank because they want to buy a car when they’re older,” the singer said.

Despite being able to indulge her kids with whatever they want, Shakira decided to teach them the value of saving and not buying them everything they ask for. “I’ve told them I’m not going to buy them a car, that if they want a car, a new phone, or anything else, they have to learn to get it for themselves,” she revealed. Although they have a few years until they’re driving, they’re already getting ready. “So now they’re asking me, ‘Mom, when do the royalties come in? Because we need to save up for the car.”

Milan and Sasha’s Talent

Their feature on ‘Las Mujeres Ya No Lloran,’ which has been certified 7x platinum, likely won’t be the last time we hear Milan and Sasha’s talents. Both kids are starting to find their love for music, and performing. Shakira proudly showed Milan’s band’s first performance, where he shined on the drums.

Milan’s rock debut©@shakiracarla

Plus, Milan is proving to be a songwriter. During his parents’ separation, he composed two songs that Shakira assures are very good. “I remember he wrote two beautiful songs during the entire separation process, and they would make anyone cry,” the Colombian shared in a chat with Zane Lowe for Apple Music. “Whenever he feels a little down, he goes to the piano and writes music. That’s also his catharsis, his therapy,” she commented.

Sasha is also following in her footsteps when it comes to shredding on the guitar. “Sasha is also learning guitar, and sometimes the three of us sit down to play and sing together. It’s very lovely because I see that they’ve inherited that part, but they also live it,” Shakira explained.

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