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Pedro Almodovar says Pedro Pascal is more ‘well-rounded’ than people think

The two worked together on the short film “Strange Way of Life.”

Pedro Almodovar is a fan of Pedro Pascal’s work. In a new interview, Almodovar talked about Pascal’s skill set, claiming that audiences and filmmakers are “pigeonholing him” into epic roles and missing out on what he can do as an artist.

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Pedro Pascal at the MET gala

Almodovar spoke to Indiewire about his new film “Strange Way of Life,” which stars Pascal and Ethan Hawke. He discussed some of Pascal’s talents. “He really is an actor. He can do comedy and drama. He can do musicals and classical theatre,” said Almodovar. “I feel like people are pigeonholing him.”

“One of my hopes is that, after people see ‘Strange Way of Life,’ a light bulb might go off in people’s heads and they’ll say, ‘He can do more than what we’re employing him to do.’ Not only epic roles! I don’t have anything against epic roles, but he is more well-rounded as an actor than that,” he concluded.

“Strange Way of Life” follows two gunmen who’ve known each other all of their lives and haven’t seen each other in 25 years. The short is the second English language project directed by Almodovar, who’s body of work is primarily in Spanish.

Pedro Pascal’s future projects

Pascal has become into one of the most famous figures working in Hollywood today. This year, he starred in “The Last of Us” and on the new season of “The Mandalorian.” He also earned his first Emmy nomination. In the near future, the actor is scheduled to star in the second season of “The Last of Us,” and on the awaited sequel to “Gladiator,” alongside Paul Mescal.

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