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Pedro Almodóvar says Ana de Armas’ deserves the Oscar

Almodóvar spoke to the press at the Feroz gala, where he was honored with a special award.

Pedro Almodóvar was wowed by Ana de Armas’ performance as Marilyn Monroe. The beloved Spanish director attended the Feroz gala, where he was honored with a special award due to his prolific and emblematic film career. When asked about de Armas, Almodóvar had nothing but compliments for her.

Press Room - Feroz Awards 2023©GettyImages
Almodóvar received a special recognition at the Feroz Awards

“Could Ana de Armas be the next Penelope Cruz?” asked a journalist. “No. I think both can co-exist. They’re very different and I think both will continue to work a lot and they’re both in an incredible professional moment,” said Almodóvar . Then, talking about de Armas and her Oscar nomination, he said, “Ana deserves the Oscar. What she’s done as Marilyn is incredible.”

Despite his support of de Armas, Almodóvar makes it clear that this year is a tough one, filled with incredible performances. “This year there are two fierce women, who are Michelle Yeoh and Cate Blanchett, who’ll make Ana’s win difficult. But her work deserves an Oscar.”

Almodóvar was awarded with the Premio Feroz de Honor, which honored his career and provided him a moment to reminisce about his art and inspirations. “People shouldn’t cry on these types of awards but you guys put up a photo of my mother,” he said in his emotional speech. Almodóvar thanked the region of La Mancha, where he was born, for the cultural inspiration that has served for his films. He also thanked his mother, who’s been the defining pillar of his career.

Ana de Armas will be present at the Academy Awards this year, on March 12th. Her performance has been complimented by all sorts of actors and directors, among them, Colin Farrell, who took a minute to talk about her performance as he won a Golden Globe for his work in “The Banshees of Inisherin.”

“I just thought you were extraordinary,” said Farrell. “I cried myself to sleep the night I saw your film, ‘Blonde.’ I cried myself to sleep. One thing had to do with the music that played at the moment when the shot opens and just seeing her ankles at the edge of the bed. It messed me up so bad. Not a joke, but you’re welcome to laugh. It’s not my place to say what’s appropriate laughter in this world.”

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