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Christian Nodal exclusively reveals Cazzu’s due date and drops a song dedicated her

The couple will soon get a visit from the stork

MAY 25, 2023 9:01 PM EDT

Christian Nodal is very excited because in a few months his life will change completely with the arrival of his first baby The singer assures that he is living the best moments of his life, and the love he shares with his girlfriend, Cazzu.  Although the future parents have wanted to keep the details of this sweet wait private in an interview with ¡HOLA! Américas, the Mexican superstar revealed when she is due to give birth.

Christian Nodal and Cazzu© @nodal

Nodal has a face of visible joy on his face and eyes that looks like he is ready to receive everything with the best spirit. His joy is about to grow, and from Spain he confirmed to HOLA! that Cazzu’s due date is in September.

Nodal’s perspective has changed since he found out that he will be a father. Nodal told us it’s all he thinks about, and even his cell phone knows that what’s to come, and is pushing out baby content.

"I don't know what's wrong with my cell phone, but I get so many videos of babies!" he confesses. Something that has made him want to speed up the course of nature: “It's like: 'Get out of there!' But I remember and say: 'No, not yet. Hold on.'”

Fatherhood has given Nodal a new outlook on life in. The singer now understands many things, especially the effort of his parents to do things as they considered best at the time. “ As a son, it is very easy to judge, and now as a father you realize that there is no clear instructions. There is no clear instructions to be the perfect father,” he explained.

 The support of the family in these moments of joy

Christian Nodal is the youngest family member, who has always had his parents Jaime and Cristi supporting him. Their  love story is an inspiration for their son. Now that they will be grandparents, they have continued to show him love and support for what lies ahead. “My dad is very confident that I will be a good father. They have given me nothing but pure love and support ,” he says.

A new song!

After our exclusive interview with Nodal, the singer dropped a surprise song dedicated to Cazzu, called “Cazzualidade.“ The beautiful love song came with a music video starring the couple where they both look like they are glowing happily in love. A Cazzu shared a clip on her Instagram thanking Nodal for the most “precious song in the world.”

Cazzualidades (Video Oficial)

The big announcement

In mid-April, Cazzu confirmed that she is expecting a baby with Christian Nodal. There were rumors about it for months, but the Argentine waited until the right moment to share it with the whole world. She made the big announcement during a concert at the Movistar Arena in Buenos Aires going on stagewith her already prominent belly. The audience did not go long before noticing the detail and could not stop applauding and celebrating.

Twitter© Twitter

A day later, Nodal confirmed the news on stage at his own concert in Mexico: "I am no longer a daddy, now I am a dad who wants to thank all the love," he said excitedly.