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Shakira’s sons don’t want to spend time with Gerard Piqué’s girlfriend

A new report claims Sasha and Milan don’t want to spend time with Clara Chia.

Shakira and her sons, Sasha and Milan, are creating a new life in Miami, Florida. The trio departed Spain earlier this month, ready for a fresh start following the tumultuous separation between Shakira and Gerard Piqué. It looks like the kids don’t want to spend time with their father’s girlfriend, Clara Chia.

The journalist Jordi Martin shared the scoop in the program “Intrusos.” “We don’t want to be with her,” said the children per Martin, who relayed the update in Spanish. “One condition that the children imposed on Gerard Piqué was that he visit them in Miami without his girlfriend,” said Martin. “The kids don’t want to see Clara. ‘Please, we don’t want to be with her in the 10 days that you spend in Miami.’”

Martin explained how the custody agreement between Shakira and Piqué worked, claiming that the father had 10 days of the month where he could spend them with his sons. He also explained that if Piqué were to move to Miami, the kids’ custody would be split 50 - 50. “I think the kids are supporting their mother and have seen how much she’s suffered over the past year.”

According to the Spanish newspaper La Vanguardia, Piqué has custody of their kids in all of their school breaks, including Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Spring Break. In the case of summer break, the kids are split 70 - 30, with Pique having the majority of the days for himself.

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