Chicago West and North West©KimandNorth

Chicago West is North’s latest prank victim

North can’t be stopped

North West may have gotten her mom in trouble with PETA over her TikTok videos, but you can’t stop a girl from doing what she loves! The 10-year-old shares the account @kimandnorth with her mom Kim Kardashian, and she loves sharing videos pranking her siblings. On Tuesday, Chicago, 4, was her latest victim.

North West and Chicago West©Kim and North

Using a filter that warps faces, North covered Chicago’s eyes before she rubbed her face and made the big reveal. But the 4-year-old looked unbothered and started dancing until North pointed out what was wrong with her face. It’s an adorably harmless prank since Chi handled it well and was laughing along.

North loves pranks, chaotic camera work, voiceovers, and sharing behind-the-scenes looks into her famous family’s life. Sometimes it doesn’t always work out in her mom’s favor. During Christmas people were outraged to see that her dogs were staying in a pen filled with puppy pads, and mountains of food in the garage. They did have a Christmas tree though.

The daughter of Kanye West may have also exposed her mom’s hair secrets. On Christmas Eve, she shared a video of Kim rocking her natural hair, and it’s not as shiny, long, and thick as people think it is.

North isn’t the only mini Kardashian on the app. Penelope Disick shares an account with her mom Kourtney Kardashian. She is trying to catch up to North, who has 12.1 million followers. Penelope currently has 5.2 million followers and has her in her bio, “Hi guys can we please please get to 6 mils.”

Her videos are a little less chaotic and show her independence, even making eggs and baking cookies. She recently collaborated with her dad Scott Disick for a video that gained 30.4 million views.

Of course, it’s not the first time the Kardashian kids have been on social media. Mason Disick, who just turned 13, was infamously banned from social media after spilling Kardashian secrets. Now that he’s 13, the world is hoping he makes a comeback.

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