Gigi Hadid’s dad Mohamed shares insight on rumors she’s dating Leonardo DiCaprio

Do you think they are dating?

Leonardo DiCaprio and Gigi Hadid are the newest and hottest celebrities rumored to be dating. This week’s reports quickly went from they were “getting to know” each other- to they were dating. While the good-looking pair has not commented on the rumors, Gigi’s dad Mohamed Hadid has shared insight into the “relationship.”

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Talking to DailyMail the real estate developer revealed that “they are friends.” “They have known each other for some time,” he said. Mohamed even met the actor a few years ago. “I met Mr. DiCaprio in St. Tropez four or five years ago and he is a very nice man,” the 73-year-old said, adding, “I liked him.”

While the Hadid patriarch said, “I have not spoken to my daughter about Mr. DiCaprio,” he shared his opinion on the rumors, “I don’t think they are dating,” Mohamed continued. “I believe they are just good friends. But I really don’t know.”

But even if he didn’t like Leo, the father keeps to himself when it comes to his daughter’s personal relationships. “I have no say in who she is dating,” he told the outlet.

Gigi and Leo were photographed for the first time together at an exclusive private members club in New York on Monday, September 12th. In photos obtained by the Daily Mail, they seemed cozy at Casa Cipriani, leaning close while having a conversation.

A source told Entertainment Tonight about the outing, “Gigi arrived at Casa Cipriani a while after Leo did. They like going there because they can be private and not worry about pictures being taken of them or people noticing them too much.” “They are having a good time together and Leo is very attracted to Gigi… He likes her but things are still new,” the source added.

The rumored fling comes off the heels of news that DiCaprio and 25-year-old Camila Morron split quietly at the start of summer. The breakup fueled internet speculation that the actor doesn’t date anyone publicly over the age of 25. Gigi is 27 though, so if they start dating he will prove the theory wrong.

A source close to the couple told DailyMail that while they are dating, they are not “exclusive.” “[Leo] is not someone who is in and out of relationships. He doesn’t jump around hooking up. They are taking it slow,” the insider said.

An E! News insider echoed the statement saying “neither of them wants a relationship” but “Gigi and Leo have hung out multiple times and are into each other.” “Gigi thinks he’s a really cool guy” they added.

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