Timothée Chalamet reveals the 2 things Leonardo DiCaprio told him to stay away from

No word if he offered dating advice

Leonardo DiCaprio had some words of advice for Timothée Chalamet when they first met in 2018. In a feature released Thursday by Vogue UK, the Don’t Look Up star shared the advice his older costar gave him for his career.

Looking back at DiCaprio’s expansive resume, it seems like the actor has done it all. However, unlike many male A-List Hollywood stars, the 47-year-old has never done a superhero film- which seems intentional. According to Chalamet, the iconic actor advised, “no superhero movies.”

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Aside from capes, superpowers, and big hammers, the Titanic star also advised him to stay away from hard drugs. “No hard drugs and no superhero movies,” Chalamet recalled.

As noted by People, the Oscar-nominated actor gushed in the past about receiving advice from one of “his heroes” but declined to say who it was.

“One of my heroes — I can’t say who or he’d kick my ass — he put his arm around me the first night we met and gave me some advice,” Chalamet told Time last year in October.

We will have to wait and see if DiCaprio ever gets his hands on Chalamet for spilling the beans.

DiCaprio, who is rumored to be “pursuing” Gigi Hadid, has opened up in the past about turning down superhero opportunities. In an interview with ShortList, DiCaprio said he met with Batman Forever director Joel Schumacher about playing Robin but confessed he wasn’t interested in the role. He was also contacted about Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man (which ultimately went to Tobey Maguire), but said he “didn’t feel ready to put on the suit yet.”

But as Justin Bieber once said, never say never. DiCaprio might one day say yes- if the character is complex enough. “You never know. They’re getting better and better as far as complex characters in these movies. I haven’t yet. But no, I don’t rule out anything,” he explained.

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