Justin Timberlake Ellen DeGeneres

Justin Timberlake offers Ellen DeGeneres a babysitting job when her show ends

Unfortunately DeGeneres was not interested

Justin Timberlake is one of the many celebrities that helped Ellen DeGeneres say goodbye to her talk show, and his episode aired Tuesday. Timberlake was DeGeneres’ second guest when the show first started in 2003, and she gifted him the first pair of Ellen underwear, which he put on his head. “You didn’t know how to wear underwear at that time,” she quipped. “Well I was only 22,” Timberlake responded. After the reminisced about old times, Timberlake offered DeGeneres a babysitting job for his and Jessica Biel’s sons when her show ends.

Justin Timberlake Ellen DeGeneres©The Ellen Show

DeGeneres has been asking guests what she should do when the show ends, and the former boy band member came prepared with a list of hobbies she could take up. “The first one is, I know someone who has two boys if you felt like babysitting at any point. Just so mom and dad could have a night off,” he suggested. Unfortunately, DeGeneres quickly shut down the offer with a “no.”

Justin Timberlake Ellen DeGeneres©The Ellen Show

The actor also recommended pottery, candle making, becoming a beekeeper so she can make her own honey, and coaching a kid’s soccer team. DeGeneres was unimpressed by anything other than beekeeping, “we need to save the bees, I’ll do that,” she agreed.

Later in the show, the “best friends” played the ‘Burning Questions,’ game where Timberlake took the hot seat. Timberlake had some pretty funny responses to the questions, but he turned the tables on DeGeneres and asked her burning questions instead.

“What’s your favorite thing about me?” He asked the host. “There’s not one, it’s hard to narrow. There are so many, I love your essence, I love your talent, I love your style, I love your singing, I love your showmanship, I love your kindness, I love your friendship, I love you,” she said heartwarmingly. Watch the full clip below.