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Meet Natalia Boneta: The sister of famous Hollywood actor Diego Boneta

A Wall Street executive at 24, who is leaving the world of finances behind to peruse a new career with the famous Cameo app.

Attractive, fun and incredibly independent, the sister of famous Hollywood actor Diego Boneta stands out on her own. Natalia Boneta, 24, is a young Latina with a brilliant career in the United States. After graduating from the prestigious Duke University with honors and immersing herself into the Wall Street world of finance, this beautiful young woman has decided to do a complete 180 and has recently taken a job as talent executive with the famous Cameo app.

She is not without talent herself, as a child she appeared in various television commercials and Natalia is an extraordinary painter. Now she’s decided to give her professional life a twist by immersing herself in a profession that allows her to explore more of that creative side. During a recent family visit to Los Angeles, Natalia sat down with us for this exclusive heart to heart interview.

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Natalia, How do you feel about this new professional adventure you’re about to embark on?

Starting this new stage in my career was scary but I am over the moon excited to be jumping into something new. As scary as change can be, I welcome challenges with open arms and I am sure this new chapter will provide a new set of exciting challenges for me to tackle.

What is your specific role?

I am a talent executive at Cameo, so I work directly with talent that want to join the platform and connect with their fans.

It’s a big change, from the world of finances to the world of social media… What inspired you to take that leap?

The change from finance to tech - specifically the platform and social media space - is big, but I have always been involved in the world of entertainment in some way or another. Cameo provides the perfect opportunity to mix my passion for entertainment with my work and career at an exciting start-up!

You were born in México and grew up LA… Where do you feel at home?

I was born in Mexico City, moved to LA, lived in Madrid, Chile and New York... with so much change, I’ve had to learn to be myself in any environment I am in. I’ve learned to adapt and change and welcome the mix of cultures into my life. I was born a mixture of different countries and cultures and I think all of them deserve to be equally celebrated! That being said, I was born in Mexico City so that place will forever have an extra special place in my heart

Natalia Boneta©Nunu Pictures
Fotos: Nunu Pictures | Maquillaje: Paul Anthony | Estilismo: Alida González | Producción: Tamara Ovejero | Vestido: Mario Costantino Triolo


Do you think in English or Spanish?

It depends who I am speaking to or what I am talking about. For example, if I dream of my time at Duke University, I tend to dream in English because I mostly spoke English while I was there. Differently, if I dream about the time I was studying abroad in Spain, I’ll dream in Spanish since I mostly spoke Spanish there. Finally, if I dream about being with my family, I speak in whatever comes out first because we love to mix the two. I was raised bilingual from a young age so I really feel like I have two native languages.

In what language do you best express yourself?

Since I mostly went to school in the U.S., I tend to feel more comfortable writing essays or having a debate in English. However, if I’m talking about my feelings or something more emotionally driven, I prefer Spanish. Spanish just has so many more words and descriptors in its vocabulary that make expressing myself accurately way easier. So if I‘m yelling at you, more likely than not it’ll be in Spanish.

You’ve become as they say, an empowered Latina in the United States! What is the secret to your success?

Thank you so much! I‘m still very young and have so much to learn, but I think the secret to it all is having amazing role models.

“I’ve been lucky to have powerful, strong, and independent Latin women in my life like my mother and both of my grandmothers. My mom was born in a bi-cultural household with a Spanish mother and a Puerto Rican father but was born in Detroit and went to school in Texas. My grandmothers, one from Spain and one from Mexico, both lost their husbands at a young age and had to raise 3 children on their own, never remarrying. I have been tremendously lucky to have amazing examples of strong and independent women in my life.” [Natalia]

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What is most important to you when it comes to achieving professional success?

I would say that the most important thing to have while looking to be successful in your career is good intuition. Good grades and academics can only get you so far if you don’t know how to listen and trust your gut. In my experience, the careers that I admire the most revolve around taking well-timed and calculated risks. Those risks are almost impossible to take without having trust in your intuition.

It takes courage to jump from one profession to another like you just did. Is there anything you would recommend to young professionals who are considering a change in careers?

One of the best pieces of advice I received while considering taking the “jump” and switching careers, is to think about whether or not you would regret not taking the opportunity if someone else took your place instead. If the answer is yes, JUMP. I would much rather live with a failed attempt than with regret. You learn from all of the mistakes you make, and like the popular quote says ‘you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take’.

You are very demanding with yourself in everything you do… Where does this attitude towards life come from?

I am definitely my own worst critic. This has definitely helped me reach many of my goals but it’s something I am trying to work on because being too hard on yourself is never good. However, I come from a family of go-getters - our mantra has always been “querer es poder”. My big brother, Diego, has been pursuing his dreams and career since he was 12. My little brother, Santiago, is moving to New York this year to pursue his goals in the big city. Both of my parents had incredibly successful careers at a young age. It’s kind of hard to be a part of my family and not demand a lot from yourself. That being said, we are all each-other’s biggest cheerleaders and I feel super lucky to have them on my team!

What is the best advice you’ve received from your parents regarding your professional life?

“Querer es poder”. If you want it, you can have it. It’s a saying my parents have said to us since I can remember and it has always stuck with us. We have it printed on paper, on necklaces, etc. It’s our family mantra.

Natalia Boneta©Nunu Pictures
Fotos: Nunu Pictures | Maquillaje: Paul Anthony | Estilismo: Alida González | Producción: Tamara Ovejero | Vestido: Angelika Jozefcyk

You have a close relationship with your parents. Do you also share matters of the heart with them? Do you ask for their advise?

My parent’s relationship serves as my example. They have the most beautiful, supportive, and loving PARTNERSHIP. They are each other’s teammates in every aspect in life. Their love inspires me everyday to try to find something like what they have and never settle for anything short of just that.

Your older brother Diego is one of the most outstanding young actors in Hollywood right now. What is it that you admire most about him?

I admire so many things about Diego. On the professional side, his relentless dedication to achieve his goals. He is one of the most hard working people I know and it’s inspiring to see him be so passionate about what he does. On the sentimental side, I admire his ability to always have his priorities straight. He is the first to call any of us out if our priorities aren’t set right and he has set the most amazing example for Santi and I as the big brother of the family.

Are you inspired by his example?

His example has definitely inspired me to pursue my dreams, no matter how crazy. I know I cannot say anything crazier than him telling my parents he wanted to be an actor and singer when he was 12. He serves as my example that hard work really pays off and no dream is ever too big.

Has Diego ever given you professional advice?

Definitely. His advice has always been to find a job you love - that way work never really feels like work. Diego was very unique in the fact that he knew exactly what he wanted to be when he was 12 - I wasn’t so lucky. I am still so young and trying to figure it all out so Diego’s advice has always helped me focus my search to pursue something that truly makes me happy.

Natalia Boneta©Nunu Pictures
Fotos: Nunu Pictures | Maquillaje: Paul Anthony | Estilismo: Alida González | Producción: Tamara Ovejero | Vestido: Mario Costantino Triolo

What is your relationship with him and Santi like? How would you describe your relationship as siblings?

We are all inseparable. Our relationship is very unique because, regardless of our age gaps (Diego is 6 years older than me and 8 years older than Santiago). I feel so lucky to get to call both of my brothers my best friends and I value that above all else! I know we will always be super close and we have our parents to thank for that.

What are your hobbies?

I love to surf, horseback ride, hike, ski, paint, workout, and travel - just to name a few. In sum, I am passionate about health and wellness and love to be outside! But don’t get me wrong, I definitely enjoy a good day of binge watching movies and tv every once in a while.

Would you like to start a family of your own in the future?

I would definitely love to start a family in the future...not the near future...but yes, in the future. Family is everything to me and I would love to follow the example my parents set and start one of my own

How many children would you like to have?

We are three so three kind of sounds like a magic number. But I don’t know! It really depends on my future partner, what they want, and what our lives look like in the future.

Natalia Boneta©Nunu Pictures
Fotos: Nunu Pictures | Maquillaje: Paul Anthony | Estilismo: Alida González | Producción: Tamara Ovejero | Vestido: Mario Costantino Triolo

Where do you see yourself in ten years?

In 10 years I hope I am happy - whatever that means. I would of course like to be in love, have a successful career, have had the chance to travel, and be with my family. However, at the end of the day, that all boils down to me just wanting to be happy. I don‘t care what it looks like so long as my days are filled with lots of laughter and joy.

If you could give a piece of advise to the child you were 15 years ago… What would it be?s?

I would remind my younger self that everything happens for a reason. I would tell her she’s going to fall in love, fall out of love, loose loved ones, move countries, change careers, cry a lot and laugh a lot but that it will all work out in the end. Life is a journey and I truly believe it’s all about the process and the lessons you learn, mistakes you make, and people you meet…

Natalia Boneta©Nunu Pictures
Fotos: Nunu Pictures | Maquillaje: Paul Anthony | Estilismo: Alida González | Producción: Tamara Ovejero | Vestido: Mario Costantino Triolo

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