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Casper Smart reveals why he broke up with Jennifer Lopez

Long before Alex Rodriguez appeared in Jennifer Lopez's life, Casper Smart occupied the singer’s heart. At the end of 2011, it was reported that the megastar was going out with one of her dancers, Casper Smart - 18 years her junior. Although the couple tried to keep their relationship as discreet as possible, day after day, it started to become more public as they shared posts on social media. After some time together, they decided to end the romance and go their separate ways. More than three years after their break-up, the dancer talked about their relationship in an interview with Univision.

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Casper, who serves on the judges’ panel of Dancing With the Stars, revealed to Maity Interiano how his relationship with the singer began. The couple met when they were recording the music video for Dance Again, a year later they started getting closer. “I was single, she was single. It started out as flirting, then became more than flirting. There was a connection. Neither of us thought it would be more than a fun time and suddenly we were spending time together, we enjoyed each other’s company, there was chemistry.” The choreographer indicated that they got along very well: “I was very young, I was 23 or 24, she was 18 years older, so she was about 42 years old with two kids. But in the moment, everything just clicked. We spent every day together for a year.”

In an interview with Wake Up America (Univision), Casper revealed that things between them did not work because of the age difference. “I was very young and selfish. I thought I was ready for a relationship with a woman with kids and everything,” he said. The fact that he was almost 20 years younger than her was a heavy factor, even he recognized that he had an “ignorant and stupid” attitude for the majority of the time that they were together.

Would he have reached the altar with Jennifer Lopez had their relationship progressed? The dancer did not rule it out: “I consider marriage with every girl I know, I’m a romantic.” After having ended their romance more than three years ago, Casper acknowledged that he still has a friendly and respectful relationship with Jennifer.

It seems that Casper isn’t the only one that has had J. Lo on his mind in the last couple of days… Last week, while J-Rod was concentrating on their 10-day diet of no sugar and no carbs, Jennifer shared a photo of her spectacular abs - leaving her followers breathless… including one of her ex-boyfriends. The rapper P Diddy -- who was in a relationship with Jennifer in the late 90s - was left in awe after seeing the image of his ex and commented “OMG” on her post. Jennifer’s fans could not believe the rapper’s message, but the biggest surprise was when A-Rod joined the party and commented “Lucky Me.”

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