Casper Smart - Mira Quien Baila

Jennifer Lopez's ex Casper Smart goes quarantine crazy!

We can only begin to imagine how much funnier his videos are going to get as the lockdown continue

If there’s one thing that’s certain in this uncertain world it’s that Casper Smart’s Instagram account is comedy gold! Jennifer Lopez’s ex is the king of hilarious videos and, as many countries are now on lockdown to prevent the spread of the COVID-19, he once again took to Instagram to lighten the mood.

Dressed in a green outfit with a wig that he often uses as a prop in his videos, the Mira Quien Baila judge sang along to Pew Pew Pew by Auntie Hammy while wielding a water pistol in a faux-aggressive stance. Captioning the hilarious video “Let’s the quarantine crazy begin…” we can only begin to imagine how much funnier his videos are going to get as the lockdown continues!

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The choreographer is now in a relationship with Bre Tiesi who is the founder of Se Mouiller lingerie and ex-wife of football player Johnny Manziel. The model sometimes appears in her beau’s funny videos - including participating in dance routines and complicated exercise challenges. But it was with close friend Maria Legarda that Casper participated in the viral Tik Tok #FlipTheSwitch challenge. Watching him switch from a baggy t-shirt to his friend’s tight strapless dress is one way to cheer up a dull day!

Casper Smart first shot to fame when he became involved with Jennifer Lopez back in 2011 while working as one of her backup dancers. Their on-off relationship lasted five years and ended in 2016. JLo is now engaged to Alex Rodriguez.

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