Thalia con su familia, Tommy Motolla y sus hijos Sabrina y Matthew
Congrats to the Grads!

Thalía celebrates huge milestone for her kids Sabrina and Matthew with an at-home celebration

The singer’s children with Tommy Mottola ended their school year with top honors

After what many would consider a trying school year, proud celeb parents Thalía and Tommy Mottola’s kids have finally completed their term. Like many other students across the world, Sabrina Sakaë and Matthew Alejandro began at-home learning in an effort to stay safe from possible situations where they could come in contact with the coronavirus. So, for the last few months of their year, they were tucked away with Thalía and Tommy working diligently on their every day activities and tasks. And it seems that all their hard work and determination has paid off per one of the Amor a la Mexicana singer’s most recent Instagram posts. In it, she pays a touching tribute to the two lights of her life and congratulates them on a job well done.

Thalía and her family©@thalia
Thalía and Tommy Mottola celebrated their kids’ academic achievements with a small ‘party’ at their home

In her heartfelt post that she shared with her over 16 million followers, she detailed all the hard work Sabrina and Matthew put into their schoolwork and expressed how truly proud she was of her two celeb kiddos. “They finished despite everything that’s going on! We are so proud of our babies! They finished their school year with excellent grades, despite the stress and uncertainty that kids are facing during these strange times,” began the actress.

The Rosalinda actress also revealed that to celebrate her children’s achievements, they baked these delicious cookies for the entire family to enjoy. “To celebrate, we made ginger and chocolate chip cookies we baked at home and we covered [the kids] with lots of hugs and kisses,” detailed the Mambo Café actress.

Thalía also thanked teachers for all their wonderful work throughout the school year

Her kids aren’t the only ones that she praised on their hard work these last few months, she took some time to recognize all the teachers that have been doing their best despite the adjustment to new teaching methods need during the pandemic. “A million hoorahs to all the teachers and parents that have been working alongside our children during the pandemic. And a million hoorahs to our kids for pushing through all this uncertainty,” she shared.

The end of the school year comes as a relief to not only Sabrina and Matthew, but Thalía as well. In a previous video the singer shared to her Instagram page, the mamá-of-two expressed how stressful it was to teach her kids from home as they kept experiencing technical difficulties with their printers when it came time to print out important materials for school. “I have to print out a lot of papers for the kid’s schoolwork, and sometimes, very suddenly, the computer or cellphone won’t connect to the printer. Then all of sudden the printer will connect to the Wi-Fi and start printing, but then it’ll decide it no longer wants to print. I can’t take it anymore,” expressed the stressed out mom. Thankfully now all of that is done with and the happy family of four can enjoy the rest of their summer vacay.