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Mila Kunis already knows her ‘biggest parenting fail’ is going to get her in ‘trouble’

“You push ’em back”

Mila Kunis is already aware of how much backlash can come from revealing too much information, but that doesn’t mean she’s going to start holding back.

During the Ellen DeGeneres Show’s “Mom Confessions” segment, which was posted to YouTube on Tuesday, October 19, the 38-year-old mother of two reflected on her most memorable parenting moments.

At on point, the Bad Moms star was asked to name her “biggest parenting fail” while raising daughter Wyatt, 7, and son Dimitri, 4, who she shares with husband Ashton Kutcher.

“Well, here’s a story that’s about to get me in trouble,” the actress admitted with a laugh. “There was a little kid in my kids‘ preschool that wasn’t very kind and pushed my daughter.”

Mila went on to explain that when Wyatt mentioned the conflict, she “instinctually” asked if her daughter had pushed the kid back. Unfortunately for Kunis, it didn’t take long for her to learn that herr husband wasn’t exactly onboard with this tactic.

“And my daughter’s like, ‘No!‘” Mila recalled. “And I was like, ‘Push her back next time. You push her back, and you say, ‘No, thank you,’ and you walk away.‘ And I turned around, and I see Ashton’s face, and he was like, ‘No!’”

She went on to clarify, “I was like, ‘Don’t push ‘em off of a ladder or off a swing or off of a slide, but on the ground, even Stephen? You push ’em back.’ I’d say that that’s a parenting fail.”

As we all already know, the That ‘70s Show alum is accustomed to having people weigh in on her parenting techniques. Mila and Ashton’s comments earlier this year about their family‘s bathing habits spurred a nationwide debate, causing other celebrities to almost be forced to weigh in on the conversation.

On another episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show following the controversy, Mila told the host that her “intent” is to bathe the kids daily, but then things don‘t work out as planned.

“I wake up every day and like, ‘Today, ‘I’m going to shower my kids.’ And then bedtime happens, and I forgot to feed them.”

She went on to joke, “But apparently, The Rock showers, so congratulations, The Rock. You shower.”

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