Ferdinando Valencia´s family swims with dolphins

Brenda Kellerman and Ferdinando Valencia, mourning the death of their baby Dante, chose a powerful title for their latest video shared on their channel, Famigovios: “Stand up and carry on.” The couple has been updating fans and friends on how they are coping with the terrible loss, who passed away this summer after complications due to meningitis. “We hope the time to complain never comes, however, the time to start healing it starts now, and the best is to do it together,” said the actor introducing the vlog.

Ferdinando spent an amazing day in Puerto Vallarta with family and his new friends

For the Mexican heartthrob and his partner, Tadeo is the focus of their lives, and they are making their best effort to give him as normal a life as possible, including some fun plans as a family. Ferdinando and Brenda shared beautiful images of their visit to Puerto Vallarta´s aquatic park, where they spent an amazing day en familia with some new friends.

Ferdinando shared beautiful images of the day the family spent under the sun. Although Tadeo is still very young, he clearly enjoyed having the chance to swim with dolphins. Nestled in his Papi's arms, he even touched one with his foot!

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The friendly sea lion fell head over heels with Brenda Kellerman

He was not as enthusiastic with the sea lions, though. The cute baby looked a little bit scared while Ferdinando and Brenda approached one of the animals to take a picture. Luckily mamá Brenda showed Tadeo there´s nothing to fear, Ferdinando´s partner asked the sea lion for a kiss on the cheek, and the friendly animal did not think twice.

Even though Dante is always on their minds, this family outing is another sign of their love for Tadeo and the massive effort the family is making to heal their wounds after the tragedy, standing up to carry on.

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