Discover celebrity Virgos and the underlying personality traits of the zodiac sign

Summer is ending, we’ve survived Mercury retrograde and are ready to face the final stretch of the year. Between January and today many have tied the knot with their Prince Charming, others exposed their John Tuckers, and some are still debating if their current love will become their New Year's kiss. Regardless of which side of the boat you stand on (or if you are still fishing for the perfect fish) we are laying down the facts for the Virgo season, which runs from August 23 to September 22, including personality traits and celebrities born under the star sign. 


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Just like any other sign, members of Virgo, the sixth sign of the year can be complex creatures who want to feel loved and have loving personalities. Check out the key personality traits of this sign in the video below:

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And as life would have it, there are plenty of celebs who belong in this sign and despite the loving character, there are some heart breakers in the list! We'll start off with two members of happy couples, our beloved Gloria Estefan who married Emilio back in 1978 and together they are still going strong and Queen Letizia and her King Felipe IV tied the knot in 2004 and have a wonderful family.

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Remember earlier when I mentioned finding Prince Charming? Well, we really did mean that Prince part, Prince Harry was born on September 15, making him a Virgo. And lastly, this Salsa king has had his turns in the love game, but Marc Anthony is another member of the Virgo clan. While his love story is not as smooth as some of his buddies, but his success in the music buisness, hard work and self-criticism, are still some very valuable Virgo traits! 


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