Anitta finally meets her 'soulmate' Cardi B – what could they be up to?

The Brazilian pop star reached out to the rapper in July

It’s happening – Cardi B and  Anitta are finally making music together. The Brazilian songstress took to her social media to share a picture of her and the Press rapper in the studio. “Yep... I think I just found my soul mate... Oi, Brasil, o bonde das funkeiras vai crescer, bom dia.@iamcardib.” Cardi and Anitta couldn’t be more on brand as they show off their attitudes and style in the photo. The 26-year-old singer wears a multi-colored Marilyn Monroe one-piece, while the Bodak Yellow rapper wears purple and black Chanel jumpsuit.


Annita, Cardi B in the studioVIEW GALLERY

Anitta was joined by her "soul mate" Cardi B in the studio 

A possibility of a collaboration has been a long time coming for the duo. In July, the Muito Calor songstress reached out to the Bronx native via social media. “Okay @iamcardib After I passed out listening to u saying u would love to record with I gottaa say that I have the PERFECT track for us. I’ve seen you listening to Brazilian funk. The track is the best funk ever.” The Juego singer continued: “u tell how I send u and we make history for my country that also loves u like me.”

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Cardi was quick to respond, but she had one request. “@Anitta only if you teach me Portuguese.” It looks like we can expect Cardi to flex her new Portuguese skills on the track. According to Anitta’s story, the new single is going to make you move your hips. “Dayssss working on the perfect match of Brazil + gringos + Latins….and WE…GOT…IITTT,” the Downtown singer captioned the video of her dancing – with no sound. Anitta also shared another photo from the session with producer Ryan Tedder.

Anitta, Cardi B get in the studio VIEW GALLERY

The Brazilian pop star reached out to the Money rapper via social media in July 

The One Republic frontman shared a pic from the session. “Studio last night got [fire emoji].” Anitta recently opened up about channeling her new pal for musical inspiration. “When I want to be strong, I think of Beyonce, for sure. When I want to be sexy with a [masculine] attitude, I think about Rihanna,” she told Entertainment Tonight. “When I want to have this teenage but funny way to be, I think about Ariana Grande. And, when I want to [channel] my sarcastic [side], I think about Cardi B, I love her so much. Each woman has something to show us, to teach us, so that's what I do.”

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