Prince Guillaume opens up about son Prince Charles meeting newborn brother for the first time©© Grand Duke's Household, Luxembourg / Kary Barthelmey

Prince Guillaume opens up about sweet moment son Prince Charles met his newborn brother for the first time

The moment “brought such joy” to parents Prince Guillaume and Princess Stéphanie

Prince Charles of Luxembourg is a proud big brother! Prince Guillaume and Princess Stéphanie’s second child, Prince François Henri Luis Marie Guillaume, was born on Monday, March 27. Following the birth of his newborn son, the royal dad of two said that it was a “moment of great joy” when his parents, Grand Duke Henri and Grand Duchess Maria Teresa, came with Prince Charles to the hospital for the first visit.

“It was very sweet to see how Charles reacted when he heard that François had been born,” Prince Guillaume shared. “He was so excited to meet him, he turned and went straight up to him. It brought such joy to both us and my parents.”

Prince Charles is described as “the proud elder brother of Prince François” on the royal family’s website. After it was announced in 2022 that Guillaume and Stéphanie were expecting their second child, the couple revealed to RTL that Charles was “overjoyed” by the news.

“We are always incredibly happy about an addition to our family. I believe that this news excites our little [Charles]. It is always such a joy to have a little brother or sister,” the Hereditary Grand Duke said. “For us too, it is an enormous bliss.”

Two-year-old Prince Charles is Prince François’ big brother©© Grand Duke's Household, Luxembourg / Kary Barthelmey
Two-year-old Prince Charles is Prince François’ big brother

Stéphanie added, “We have known about the baby for a few weeks now, so it’s not really a big surprise for us. [Charles] is especially overjoyed. He has been saying, ‘Mummy, baby!’ for a few weeks now. It’s adorable.”

Like his big brother, Prince François was also born at the Maternité Grande-Duchesse Charlotte in Luxembourg. In a statement, the Marshall of the Court said, “Princess Stéphanie and her child are both healthy and well. The Crown Prince, the Crown Princess and his brother Prince Charles are looking forward to introducing Prince François to you.”

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