Princess Leonor and the Spanish royal family

Princess Leonor turns 14! Check out the moments that shaped her

King Felipe VI and Queen Letizia have cleared their agendas to celebrate with their firstborn

Princess Leonor is celebrating her 14 birthday in one of the most special months of her life. On October 14 the future Queen of Spain delivered a heartfelt speech where she pledged her service to her country and all of its inhabitants. Today, King Felipe and Queen Letizia cleared their agendas to celebrate with their daughter. After all, she is celebrating her first birthday as a princess and future leader. 

If you, too, want to celebrate with the princess, take a look at the 14 moments that have shaped her young life thus far: 

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Despite her age, Princess Leonor has already accomplished several feats and spoken to some of the world’s biggest leaders. The queen-in-the-making has closely followed her parent's footsteps, climbed the ladder of royal titles, delivered her first speech as a Princess and handed out very important honors. 

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“Age is just a number” is what they often say, and for Princess Leonor it evidently is. Infanta Sofía's older sister is already making strides towards a brighter future that shows love, compassion and responsibility to all its citizens. In one of her early public appearances she read out of Spain’s constitution: “Spain is a state of social and democratic rights that proposes above all the judicial order of liberty, justice, equality and political pluralism.” Way to go, Princess Leonor!

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