Princess Leonor of Spain turns 14 on October 31

Queen Letizia and King Felipe have cleared their schedules for Princess Leonor's birthday 

Princess Leonor of Spain turns 14 on October 31

Queen Letizia and King Felipe are gearing up for their daughter Princess Leonor’s birthday. The heir presumptive to the Spanish throne turns 14 on Thursday, October 31. Busy royals Letizia and Felipe have cleared their schedules for the day, likely so they can celebrate their oldest child’s special day. While Leonor and her sister Infanta Sofía have class on Thursday, they have Friday off—as do their parents—because of All Saints’ Day, meaning the royal family can enjoy a three-day weekend together.

The Spanish King and Queen have cleared their schedules for Leonor's 14th birthday

On her birthday last year, Leonor gave her first public address at an event marking the 40th anniversary of Spain's Constitution.  This past month has been a big one for the Letizia’s eldest daughter. The future Queen traveled to her principality Asturias, where she presided over the Princess of Asturias Awards for the very first time.

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At the ceremony, Leonor confidently delivered a speech pledging her service to Spain. “In my house, the words Spain and Asturias are always united with the same force with which history has united them. That's how I feel it in my heart and that today is a very important day in my life that I have looked forward to,” she said in her remarks.

The future Queen celebrated her 13th birthday in 2018 delivering her first speech

Leonor concluded her speech saying: “Thank you also to all who have wanted to join us now, those who always support and help the Foundation. This moment will be unforgettable for me. As my father said at my age and right here, it will be a day that ‘I will always carry deep in my heart.’”

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