Meghan Markle’s style is constantly making headlines. Celeb and amateur fashionistas alike analyze the royal's outfits, from her head down to her toes, emulating it to their best of their abilities (even Kim Kardashian!). The Duchess' royal style is one that always makes an impression - she has perfected a very chic look that has an air of sheer effortlessness. Prince Harry's wife has been spotted wearing jeansdressessimple tees and putting certain items back into circulation.

But there's one special little item that is Meghan's go-to. For the Commonwealth Day 2019 ceremony at Westminster Abbey Meghan rocked this one thing, and during the day’s youth event at the Canada House, she paired her green dress with this embroiled knee-length clothing item from Canadian designer, Erdem Moralıoğlu.


So what's the item that Duchess Meghan can't be caught without? Hint: it keeps her warm! Click the vid for the reveal.

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