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Rosario Dawson’s keys to feeling and looking spectacular at 40

Combating her father’s illness was the actress’ motivation to lead a healthy lifestyle

How do celebrities stay in shape at all ages? Contrary to what you may think, many of them don’t resort to cosmetic surgery or luxury treatments to do so. Most Hollywood stars are dedicated to their fitness journey like actress Rosario Dawson, whose healthy lifestyle has allowed her to stay radiant and in shape at 40. Although the Afro-Latina star has always had a healthy routine, her main motivation for fully revamping her habits was her father’s pancreatic cancer diagnosis last year. In an attempt to help him recover quickly, the entire Dawson family—especially Rosario—changed their physical and mental health routine.

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The celebrity knows how to stay radiant at 40 thanks to healthy habits.

A balanced diet

The biggest portion of her diet consists of vegan foods that are rich in fiber. Every morning, the Rent star eats a bowl of oatmeal with some fruit and fresh juice. Her other meals vary between potatoes, spinach, sweet potatoes, and other vegetables, occasionally paired with smoked salmon, according to an interview she did with Women’s Health.

The secret is clearly not all diet related. She sometimes indulges in “guilty pleasures” like peanut butter and jelly toast.

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Her diet is mostly based on vegan and fiber-rich foods like oatmeal

The key of movement

Rosario admitted that she doesn’t love going to the gym, but she has discovered a fitness routine that is perfect for her: cardio. The most important aspect is to keep moving, so every day she is sure to do afrobeat and house music dance sessions as well as jog and walk.

She also practices Kung Fu—a Chinese martial art that requires a great deal of focus. This practice helps her tone and strengthen different muscles in addition to helping her concentrate.

Rosario Dawson doing some cardio©GettyImages
The celebrity follows a daily cardio routine to stay in shape

The power of the mind

What’s on the inside is always reflected on the outside. This is something the Latina star understands perfectly. In addition to martial arts, she is a loyal practitioner of meditation and mindfulness, activities that help to “calm” her mind. Massages and hot baths are also essential to reducing the tension accumulated over a long day.

Rosario has also opened up about some of the vices that have been part of her life for many years. Due to her dad’s illness, she made the decision to cut cigarettes and other toxic substances out of her life.

Mindfulness for mental focus©iStock
Rosario frequently practices mindfulness to focus her mind

Despite some difficult times, Rosario took control to turn herself and her family into health and perseverance role models, and these aspects are reflected in her enviable appearance.

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