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Eva Longoria cut these three foods out of her diet to get back in shape

And she looks amazing!

Almost two years after bringing baby Santiago into the world, Eva Longoria is showing off her enviable silhouette. How did she do it? The actress has been posting on social media throughout the process, which she herself has described in multiple interviews as “no pressure” and “slow and steady.” She used exercises combining weight training and yoga in addition to another trick: eliminating three key foods from her diet.

Eva Longoria enjoying the sun at the beach©@evalongoria
Eva didn’t miss the opportunity to spend some time at the beach with her family and share it on social media

The 45-year-old actress told People that she enjoyed her pregnancy and postpartum experience and didn’t “really succumb to any pressure” to get back to her pre-pregnancy weight. When her baby was almost six months old, she started working out again. After a year, she had already gotten her pre-pregnancy figure back.

Healthy diet and exercise go hand in hand and are inseparable, as Eva confirmed in an interview with Vogue Australia. However, the principle she applied to her diet this time, consisted of eliminating three foods entirely, allowing her to lose weight quickly: carbohydrates, sugar, and wine. “I haven’t drunk wine. I haven’t eaten sugar. I haven’t seen a carb in a while,” she admitted in an interview with US Weekly.

Eva Longoria experiencing a Cabo sunset with baby Santiago©@evalongoria
According to Gabriella Fontanilles, in her book El Arte del parto [The Art of Childbirth], “if they eat a balanced diet while pregnant and experience a regular increase in weight, women will see their figures and waistlines go back to their pre-baby state naturally within a few months.”

In the case of sugar and carbs, we know it can contribute to weight gain when consumed in excess. However, when consumed in moderation, they supply the body with immediate structural energy. If you’d like to follow a low-carb diet, it’s important you follow the guidance of a nutritionist or the diet may have harmful and even counterproductive effects.

Eva Longoria with her son Santiago Enrique Bastón©@evalongoria
Eva Longoria had a great attitude about her pregnancy weight gain and gave her body time to recover after the birth

Eva’s nutritionist suggested giving up wine because the body doesn’t burn the toxins in alcohol, it instead transforms them into fat. Forgoing the stuff certainly couldn’t have been easy for the actress, who has admitted on more than one occasion that she loves a nice glass of wine.

Eva’s amazing body demonstrates that these restrictions did work. Her nutritionist surely also gave great advice on how to balance out the lack of these foods. Remember that every body is different, so you should check with a specialist before starting this or any other diet. Your health is most important of all!

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