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Shop Latinx, the first curated marketplace for Latinx brands, is now open

Founder Brittany Chavez wanted an online destination for people in search of culturally-inspired products

Imagine a place where you can easily shop different Latinx brands, from accessories to shirts and even skincare products, all geared towards the Latinx community. Surprisingly that place didn’t exist until today. Latina entrepreneur Brittany Chavez worked tirelessly for three years to create Shop Latinx, an online destination for people who are in search of “culturally-inspired and socially conscious products.” So think that “Latina” necklace you’ve been obsessing over after seeing it everywhere on Latina Equal Pay Day, shoppers now know they can go to Shop Latinx!

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Shop Latinx is an online destination for Latinx brands

“We started this company to build a bridge between Latinx businesses and customers who wish to shop with intention,” the site reads. “We’re so grateful to be a vibrant community movement that empowers brands to do what they love and our customers to discover what they love.” Entering the site shoppers will find seven different companies—Hija De Tu Madre, Brujita Skincare, El Cholo's Kid, Peralta Project, America Hates Us, House of Intuition and Voz Collective.

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Highlights from these brands include Brujitas Herbs Facial Mask, which includes 100%Earth ingredients like green clay, aloe powder and mint leaves for a detoxifying mask. And if you’re in the mood for some wall art, opt for one of Peralta Project’s pieces that includes powerful Latina women that makes a for a perfect living room decor piece. “There are seven companies that really set the bar when it comes to branding, marketing, product sales, pricing product volume and quality,” Brittany told HipLatina. “[All] are brands I look up to because of the intention they put into everything they make. That’s what I want Shop Latinx to be known for; Beautiful, culturally relevant, one-of-a-kind products that just so happen to be made by Latinx.”

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The online platform currently features seven Latinx brands

Besides creating a space for Latinx shoppers, Brittany is also helping the next generation of Latinx entrepreneurs. Together with Julissa Prado of Rizos Curls and Patty Delgado of Hija de tu Madre, she runs Las Jefas Crew, a group that provides workshops and resources for Latinx entrepreneurs. “Each of us have respectively self-funded our own brands that have generated impact in the Latinx community,” she explained. “We want to teach underrepresented founders that with the right tools, they can too.”