Soledad Pastorutti©Courtesy

Soledad Pastorutti

She is a global reference of Argentine popular music

Soledad Pastorutti, ‘La Sole’ or ‘La Gringa de Santa Fe,’ is a musical force that travels without rules or genre constraints. She is undoubtedly one of the Latin American artists that everyone should listen to and admire for general cultural knowledge.

Recently, she released her 19th album to the market called ‘Natural,’ reflecting that restless spirit that has led her to compose many songs throughout her more than 25-year artistic career. In this album, she explores the music of different countries and makes them her own with her distinctive voice.

Known as ‘the rebellious girl who still sings to the Guarani,’ at the age of 16, she won the Revelation and Consecration Award at the Festival de Cosquín (Argentina’s most influential music festival) when she stepped onto the stage as a genuine rock star.
Soledad Pastorutti©Courtesy

Her music revolutionized her country’s folklore with a success that many considered improbable. Her first contract with Sony was conditional on selling 5,000 records. With no corporate backing, her father purchased those first 5,000, and that noble act served as a launchpad to establish her as one of the greatest folk singers.

Soledad has received multiple nominations for the Latin Grammys. Throughout her career, she has received 2 Diamond awards and multiple Gold and Platinum records. She has performed over 3,000 shows in Argentina and various countries in America and Europe. She has recorded duets and collaborated on songs with Joan Manuel Serrat, Santana, Carlos Vives, Franco de Vita, Niña Pastori, Lila Downs, Rocío Durcal, and Alejandro Sanz.

Soledad Pastorutti©Courtesy

Hailing from Arequito, she was invited to sing in front of Pope Francis and over 3 million viewers during World Youth Day in Rio de Janeiro. Recently, she performed her song “Brindis” in front of the Argentine national soccer team, the champions of the last World Cup, and particularly moved Lionel Messi in an image that circulated the world.

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