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Susie Jaramillo

Teaching and entertaining kids with her bilingual company, ‘Encantos’

Susie Jaramillo has made it her mission to create educational books, games, and entertainment for bilingual children. Her hard work has made her into the first Latina CEO of “Encantos,” an entertainment company for kids.

Susie Jaramillo©

Based in Brooklyn but born in Venezuela, Jaramillo is an artist of many talents who’s managed to blend her passions for art, technology, and culture into one goal: entertaining kids yet helping them learn English and Spanish with fun books and games.

“I’m a Latina and I’m trying to raise bilingual kids here in this country who appreciate where they came from, and there was nothing out there -- no books, no apps, no animated content -- that represented us and our nursey rhymes,” she said to CBS2. 

She believes Latinos have the best of both worlds, and must learn how to utilize all o their skills in order to live life to the fullest.

Susie Jaramillo©Susie Jaramillo

“We have what we love about our culture -- our warmth, our sense of humor, our music, our food, our sense of familia. There’s all of that, and then there’s this American preparation.“

She hopes to inspire other members of the Latin community to follow suit, forging a new path while remembering where they come from.

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