Silvia Arguello y Constanza Etro Latina Powerhouse Top 100©Latin American Fashion Awards

Silvia Arguello & Constanza Etro

The masterminds behind the Latin American Fashion Awards

Silvia Arguello and Constanza Etro are not just two worthy representatives of fashion and female empowerment in our times; this pair of Latina entrepreneurs are, today and every day, the duo responsible for putting the eyes of the world on the talent that exists in the American continent in the textile industry, culture, and all artistic expressions that converge in the fashion universe.

Demonstrating that fashion is not limited to the runways, this talented duo explores the synergy of this famous industry with cinema, art, and culture.
Silvia Arguello y Constanza Etro Latina Powerhouse Top 100©Latin American Fashion Awards

After three years of work, Constanza and Silvia are materializing one of their biggest dreams with the arrival of the first edition of the Latin American Fashion Awards. An unprecedented event that will take place on November 4th in the Dominican Republic, where designers, models, photographers, and artists can compete from their respective trenches to be recognized in more than ten categories.

Latin American Fashion Awards©Silvana Trevale, Patricia Pietri and Costaiia

Over the years, Constanza has managed to bring together her greatest passions. This happened when, in 2014, she created a dialogue between fashion and cinema through the Fashion Film Fest Milano. A space where emerging talents and established figures in the fashion industry converge and serve as a reference for what will undoubtedly be another success in her résumé with the upcoming edition of the Latin American Fashion Awards.

Latin America Fashion Awards©Enrique Leyva

On the other hand, Silvia, who knows how the magic of garments is created, stitch by stitch in the sewing workshops, has managed to represent art and fashion in a single concept: wearable art, transforming the idea of fleeting fashion into garments worthy of being exhibited, as evidenced by the founder and creative director of Rosa Clandestino. A talent that even Vogue has certified by selecting her as part of Who’s On Next Italy.

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