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Peruvian Connection x Glenda Bailey© GettyImages

Alexa Rodulfo

A self-taught makeup & hair artist who goes beyond the superficial

SEPTEMBER 28, 2023 12:59 PM EDT

Ciudad Juárez, Mexico, to New York City, Alexa Rodulfo’s journey is the perfect testimony of how passion and talent can cross borders. Alexa, a self-taught makeup and hair artist, became the name that resonated in the most exclusive circles of New York high society. Vogue magazine named her one of the most in-demand makeup artists of the New York social scene in 2006. Reaching incredible heights, as many celebrities have trusted her expert hands, including Ivanka Trump, Carolina Herrera, and Lauren Santo Domingo.

Peruvian Connection X Glenda Bailey© GettyImages

Beyond makeup, Alexa’s vision has expanded into the world of fragrances. In 2009, she presented her Alexa Rodulfo Candle Collection, which sought to offer something more than just lighting. Each candle is a sensory journey, evoking memories, emotions, and moments of calm.

“I am fascinated by the ability of a fragrance to capture a moment in time, take us back to our memories and invoke our emotions.”
 Alexa has worked with many Hollywood stars and celebrities including Sofia Carson. © Instagram/SofiaCarson
Alexa has worked with many Hollywood stars and celebrities including Sofia Carson.

These incredible and sophisticated candles are pieces of art that carry the essence of distant places, collected by Alexa on her travels around the world in search of the finest ingredients. Alexa has also partnered with charitable causes, such as the Ricky Martin Foundation, to produce limited editions of candles and help children and young people around the world.

In a world where beauty and style are constantly evolving, Alexa Rodulfo stands out as a creator who goes beyond the superficial. With her tenacity and vision, she has transformed her passion into an empire, and in the process, she has illuminated the lives of many with her art and dedication.