Silvina Moschini©Cortesía Unicorn Hunters & Unicoin

Silvina Moschini

A digital economy leader and inspiration for women

In Silvina Moschini’s head, the desire to start a business began to take shape very early on. And while at that time, as a child, the Argentine-born did not know the exact definition of being a businesswoman, she had the firm intention of becoming a powerful and influential figure.

When I was little I asked my dad what he wanted me to do and he was the one who told me: ‘You can be whatever you want, but if you are going to be a princess, you have to be the one who builds her own castles.’
Silvina Moschini©Cortesía Unicorn Hunters & Unicoin

Silvina faced doubts and fears as she went on to start her journey, contemplating that she had everything she needed to enter the big leagues of the business world. An objective that she fulfilled at a very young age by leading important projects at Compaq (today HP) and becoming responsible for creating and nurturing important partnerships and ventures, in the so-called first era of the Internet; which consisted of Terra, Starmedia, and Yahoo, known to be the main pioneers of a new technological era at the time.

I entered the .com era when it was not a trend yet and that started and accelerated my career.

Silvina found in this world the gateway to a universe of possibilities. After becoming experienced in this area, she became part of the leadership team of the first internet bank in Latin America (, which was later sold for almost 800 million dollars to Santander Bank. And at only 24 years old, the Argentinian businesswoman held the title of vice president for Latin America, at Visa, the multinational financial services company.

Silvina Moschini©Cortesía Unicorn Hunters & Unicoin

After combining two of her greatest passions: communication and business, Silvina not only co-created TransparentBusiness, a company with which she obtained the distinction as the first Latina to take a company to the unicorn category. She is also the executive producer of the show Unicorn Hunters, which combines entertainment and enrichment under its own term: “enrichtainment.”

Later, thanks to her spirit of solidarity, she gave life to SheWorks! described as a platform that contributes to creating opportunities for women within the technological field, as she explains. “It is not just a question of gender affinity. I am convinced that women work harder, we are more capable of handling pressure, we create good teams, we use emotional intelligence much more and that makes us adapt better. So it wasn’t smart to leave them off the market.”

Silvina Moschini©Dasha Horita

Established as a referent in the digital economy, Moschini is a role model for many of the women she has touched with her projects. Many of her loved ones have also been a source of inspiration for her throughout her life. Her ex-husband, by pushing her to think big in business; his mother, by teaching her to be a better person; her brothers who showed her that discipline gives the resilience that is needed in life, and overall, those women who have shown her that there are no limits and that it does not matter where we come from but where we are going.

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