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Pepita Sandwich

A young prolific and successful Argentina illustrator broaching gender and emotional topics

Born in Argentina and based in Brooklyn, Pepita Sandwich is an incredibly prolific and succesful visual artist. Her work has been published in the New Yorker and the Washington Post, she’s published books, and has worked with a variety of notorious brands.

Born Josefina Guaracino, as an artist she has developed a unique style that has reached the masses. Her work is colorful and intimate, illustrating thoughts and feelings that are painfully real and relatable.

Guaracino has published books like “Women Move Mountains” and “Survival Diaries,” broaching complex topics like gender and minimizing them in simple and clear illustrations that are digestible and get their point across.

Las mujeres mueven montañas, Women Move Mountains by Pepita Sandwich©Courtesy

She speaks about the power of illustrations and how they can influence people’s minds in a way that’s “direct and hypnotic,” she said in an interview with Infobae. While Guaracino embraces the digital and all of its benefits, she’s also an old school illustrator. she said, “I like working in two different channels, one analogue and one digital, with both supporting and strenghtening each other.”

“If having the internet allowed me to first share my work, I never stepped away from paper. Having a book, especially in the case of a graphic novel, is like having a treasure.”

Guaracino has worked with global brands like Cartoon Network, Facebook, Motorola, Kellogg’s, Spotify and more, always bringing her signature style to each campaign, with brands wanting to adapt to her voice and style.

She currently has two Instagram accounts with thousands of followers each – her personal one, Pepita Sandwich, and what she calls her crying diary, Pepita is crying. In each account Guaracino shows a different side of herself, always playful, sometimes sad, and constantly engaging readers while finding new fans of her work.

Guaracino is pursuing a masters in comics and is working on an autobiographical story on friendship and growing up as a woman in the ‘90s.

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