Babba C. Rivera/Instagram©Babba C. Rivera/Instagram

Babba C. Rivera

Rivera’s inspiration for her brand comes from her parents, her beauty queen mom and hairdresser dad

Babba C. Rivera has achieved many professional goals since the start of her career. This successful entrepreneur and proud Latina has plenty of experience in marketing, fashion and beauty, becoming an inspiration for many other women.

Growing up in Sweden and from Chilean descent, Rivera had a very unique childhood, as “the only brown kid in school,” which is why she highlights the importance of creating Ceremonia, her own line of hair products that empowers and celebrates Latin women.

Babba C. Rivera/Instagram©Babba C. Rivera/Instagram

Rivera explained to Allure that at a young age, she had a “subconscious belief that being Hispanic was a disadvantage,” because she never saw “any success stories of people like me. I never got to open a magazine and read about a Latina making big moves.”

Now the businesswoman is part of a community of women that have reached success and continues to influence younger generations. After working for the popular ride-share company Uber in Stockholm, Rivera went on to become the Director of Brand Marketing at Away in New York City, ultimately founding a successful marketing agency and launching Ceremonia in 2020.

Babba C. Rivera/Instagram©Babba C. Rivera/Instagram

The stylish mom has an impressive resume, entering Forbes 30 Under 30 at 25, and building her own empire by representing Latinas all over the world. During an interview with The Quality Edit, Rivera said:

“As a Latina woman myself, I find it interesting how the Latinx communities are still very often overlooked. I started to do a lot of research about the Latinx consumer and just trying to understand why we’re constantly forgotten even though we account for 20% of the US population”

She also explains that the inspiration behind Ceremonia comes from her parents, describing her mom as a beauty queen and her dad as a hairdresser. The smart entrepreneur says that she quickly learned that beauty was a form of self-care, and what better way to do it than honoring her heritage in the process, using high-performance clean formulas, packed with natural ingredients from Latin America.

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