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Reyna Noriega

She honored her afro-latina roots in a Band-Aid collab for National Nurses Month

Reyna Noriega is showcasing her art for the world to see, now that the talented and creative artist has taken major steps in her professional career, working with big brands to create unique and vibrant illustrations and designs, including Apple, American Express, Old Navy, and her recent collaboration with Band-Aid.

This 28-year-old Afro Latina, who was born and raised in Miami to a first-generation Cuban father and Bahamian mother, is determined to show her unique and incredible work to a larger audience. With the support of her family, Reyna decided to dedicate her life to her art in 2017, leaving her job as a teacher, finding her own style and following her passion.


“I was very fortunate that my family believed in me and my ability to make my passion a career and even help me make it happen! To this day, my mom is the person that helps me run my online shop, and they encourage me to strive higher,” Reyna revealed to Pop Sugar.

The stars aligned for Reyna, as she would find brands interested in her art, allowing her to explore and share her ideas, focusing on diversity and inclusivity, and showing her heritage while collaborating in multiple campaigns.

One example of her dedication has to be her collaboration with Band-Aid, partnering with the brand to create customized ‘Thank You Cards’ for National Nurses Month, honoring Black Nurses.


“We wanted these cards to highlight their resiliency, while celebrating and uplifting them for all they provide to patients every day. I was so pleased with the finished product and how it honors these healthcare heroes,” she said to Knockturnal.

“Being able to do what I love every day already makes me feel very successful. Being able to touch people with my work is also a part of what that looks like for me. I believe that as long as you are able to grow and evolve, keep being curious about life and your message, see growth, all of that is success to me.”

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