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Fabiola Torres

Behind your favorite iconic brand, there is a legendary woman

Behind your favorite iconic brand, there is a legendary woman, and you probably had no idea. If you consume Nike, Apple (Beats by Dre), and PepsiCo products, then you should know more about Fabiola Torres.

After joining PepsiCo in April 2020 immediately following the $3.85 billion acquisition of Rockstar Energy Drink, the company’s CMO, SVP Energy Category, at PepsiCo oversees a vast portfolio and a team of 80 people.

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Fabiola’s greatness comes from believing that you can succeed best and quickest by helping others to grow. So when she was an accomplished multicultural marketer at Nike, Torres used disruptive creative ideas to the brand’s benefit in Mexico, Latin America, and the Hispanic community in LA.

Torres helped break the record in campaigns targeting the Latino and Hispanic communities for initiatives like Nike’s Air Max Day, Nike Women’s Marathon, and the Nike Vault —which generated over 100MM social media impressions, the largest to date of any brand campaign.

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Thanks to her new market approaches and global marketing plans in Latin America, Europe, and Asia, she obtained double-digit growth for Nike and Apple’s Beats by Dre.

Do you remember the Unleashed campaign for Powerbeats Pro that included some of today’s most prominent multi-sport athletes? Yes! That’s one of her proudest achievements.

Fabiola knows that diversity matters; therefore, she became an advocate, whether she was performing as a driving force in Apple, a leader of the Hispanic community at Nike, a speaker at Girl Boss, and many more.

Fabiola Torres is an authentic Latina Powerhouse.

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