Vanesa Amaro©Vanesa Amaro

Vanesa Amaro

This Latina is now known as TikTok’s ‘Queen of Cleaning’

Vanesa Amaro is one of the queens of TikTok, particularly, CleaningTok. For the uninitiated, that’s the hashtag for cleaning videos on TikTok, a list that goes on and on and that shows the soothing effects of watching people clean up their messes.

Amaro is a housekeeper and a cleaning expert based in Texas, who started sharing videos once the pandemic hit. They blew up instantly. Amaro’s videos are straight to the point and effective, providing people with cleaning hacks that save time and get the job done. She has over 5.4 million followers and has achieved a variety of amazing feats, including becoming a spokesperson for Clorox and publishing her own cleaning book.

“During the pandemic I started creating videos on how I clean things and my favorite cleaning recipes. My videos gave people the motivation to start cleaning their houses. After a few months my account went from 5 followers to a couple million.”
Vanesa Amaro©Vanesa Amaro

Born in Monterrey, Mexico, Amaro is open about the struggles she’s faced throughout her life. She has videos where she’s mentioned how grateful she is to the first woman who employed her despite having no references or work experience. She also launched Amaros Cleaning, a company that provides cleaning to people who need it most, free of charge.

“We’re still cleaning houses, the only difference is that we don’t charge anymore. Now we look for people on social media who can’t afford a cleaning,” she said in an interview with People.

Aside from providing cleaning hacks and product recommendations, Amaro also provides some life advice, like incorporating cleaning into your routines, for example cleaning your shower while you’re in the shower, or cleaning your kitchen as you cook. The secret to Amaro’s success is the fact that she provides the kind of content that’s useful and goes down easy. She packages tips in a way that’s easy to remember, which is why millions of people continue to discover her and tune in to her videos.

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