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Paola Alberdi

Vogue Mexico, Covergirl, Tresemme, a few of the amazing partnerships this Latina Instagramar has landed

Paola Alberdi has over a million followers on Instagram. The influencer has found great success in fashion blogging, standing out from the crowds by sharing awesome fashion advice and sprinkling that in with things that make her unique and herself.

Born in California and of Mexican heritage, Alberdi studied in San Diego State University. She studied marketing, a career that while she didn’t love proved to be very useful for her future. In 2014 she launched Blank Itinerary, a fashion blog that blossomed into something unexpected, that continues to make money for her today.

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“People tell me that they feel like they are my friends even though we have never met and that is the most incredible feeling!

In conversation with Start Up Mindset, she said, “As bloggers, we have learned how to create aesthetically appealing photos, but there are different styles of fashion bloggers and the vibe of the content can be very different. I feel like most of my content is usually natural, real and in the moment.”

Her blog and her work have landed her amazing partnerships and opportunities, among them collaborations with Vogue Mexico, Covergirl and Tresemme. Since, Alberdi has worked on The Drop alongside Amazon, designing clothes and more that are budget friendly, trendy and accessible to all.

“Mexican women love dressing up, and growing up in a bi-cultural family, I was very much influenced by that,” she said in an interview with Bazaar. “I was surrounded by sophisticated women who were always dressed so elegantly. I’ve also been influenced by European styles since I lived in Spain when I was younger.“

Whether you’re looking for amazing travel content or inspiration for your next night on the town, Alberdi’s content is the way to go.

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