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Princess Nokia

Singer, actress, model, activist, and survivor.

Princess Nokia is unapologetically herself, on and off the stage. Born Destiny Nicole Frasqueri on June 14, 1992, the singer, songwriter, and rapper is of Puerto Rican descent and identifies as Afro-Indigenous. When it comes to Princess Nokia, you can’t put her music in a box, because she releases albums in whatever genre she feels like. From rap, hip-hop, emo, rock, and soul, Destiny can do it all. The artist goes outside the scope of singing and is an actress, model, activist, and survivor.

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The New York-born and raised artist has had a less than perfect life and often sings about her upbringing in her music. She lost her mother to aids and her grandmother took her in until she got sick and passed away when she was 8. Destiny was then put in the foster care system between the ages of 9 to 16, under the care of an abusive foster mom. In her documentary “Destiny” she shared how she got the courage to escape the abusive home, running away at the age of 16, with $3 in her pocket and 75% battery on her phone. She ended up around the Lower East Side with her father, and she began recording songs, which she released once she turned 18.

Like her 2020 song, “I Like Him,” Destiny has always had a knack for going viral. Her first tracks, “Destiny” and “Bitch I’m Posh” were wildly popular, which she released under the name Wavy Spice. Destiny became popular in the underground music scene of New York, and she quickly began using her platform to speak about LGTBQ+ rights and feminism. She has since become a voice for Black, Latina, and queer individuals, and she identifies as bisexual.

Princess Nokia©Princess Nokia

Destiny released her first debut studio album Metallic Butterfly in 2014, after changing her stage name to Princess Nokia, which she says is her alter ego. Destiny traveled the world performing her music as an independent artist, signing her first major record deal with Sony Records in 2021. In 2022 she performed on the main stage at the iconic Coachella Music Festival.

Outside of music, Destiny starred in her first film “Angelfish” in 2019, and she voiced LaBrea, LaCienga’s cousin, in The Proud Family: Louder and Prouder in 2022. The beautiful Afro-Latina has also modeled for Calvin Klein, The North Face, and has starred in multiple magazines.

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