Amelia y Elisa Ochoa©Amelia y Elisa Ochoa

Amelia and Elisa Ochoa

These twins are fashion icons and powerful influencers

It’s not often that you see twin sisters taking on the same passions, but that’s what Amelia and Elisa Ochoa did, to immense success. The twins are fashion icons and powerful influencers, who also share a unique backstory – they’re siamese twins, who were separated at birth.

Amelia and Elisa’s social media boasts all sorts of amazing outfits, all unafraid of displaying their matching scars. “It’s our scar,” they said on an interview with Elle. “It’s a part of who we are, it explains our connection, it’s a scar of life! The living proof of the existence of miracles – it makes us unique and different.”

That sincerity is what has stuck with their followers.

Born in Colombia, the sisters became famous after they made the blog and social media account Sisterly Style, a place where they showed off their personalities and clothes. Amelia and Elisa realized that they didn’t love designing – they loved styling and figured that that could transform that into a profitable business, becoming pioneers in their country. “Since we were little we were incredibly passionate about fashion” they said in an interview with Bajo la Influencia. “But we were clear that we didn’t want to be designers.”

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“While we were studying we discovered marketing and that’s when we said, ‘This is where it’s at,’” they said. Amelia and Elisa launched their brand, which put an emphasis on their family and the fashion sense of their sisters and their mom (their family is made up of are five women total). They started off in fashion, but they soon moved on to lifestyle, travel, nutrition, and more, creating a special and authentic link with their followers.

Amelia and Elisa have close half a million followers (over 449 thousand), and are some of the most notorious influencers in Latin America. It’s very likely that a large percentage of your followers follow them.

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