Chef Ana Garcia©Ana Garcia Moreno
Culinary Excellence

Ana Garcia

Chef Ana’s inspiration for recipes and hospitality comes from her long, rich family history in Mexico

Chef Ana Garcia is an icon of Mexican cuisine. Known for her delicious and regional cooking that highlights her family history, her work has reached a global audience, being featured on Netflix and in a variety of TV shows. Garcia stands out from other chefs by mixing her cooking skill with her ability to teach, making her into someone with a particular set of skills that people flock to.

Chef Ana Garcia©Chef Ana Garcia

Chef Garcia was born in Monterrey, Mexico, and grew up in a variety of places including Cuernavaca and Morelos. Her lineage is important to her, dating back to the Mexican Revolution. Garcia is the great-granddaughter of revolutionaries and politicians, with her great-grandmother being one of the countries’ most famous and influential butchers.

Garcias credits her recipes and inventions to her notable lineage, with her family passing down recipes from generation to generation.

While Garcia studied business in ITESM Monterrey, she found her true passion later on in life, by combining the teaching skills of her husband Rob Anderson and her natural cooking skills that date generations back.

Chef Garcia is currently the head chef of La Villa Bonita, a culinary retreat and school located in the Tepozteco valley. Garcia cooks and teaches guests of the Villa, leaving them with unique experiences that they’ll remember for the rest of their lives.

La Villa Bonita has been spotlighted and recommended in publications like Vogue, National Geographic, The Wall Street Journal, and the Food Network.

Chef Garcia has also had experiences as a restaurant consultant, working with chefs from all over the world. She’s a Mexican and Hispanic icon, responsible for elevating Mexican cuisine and paving the way for millions of chefs who want to highlight their culture and their roots through their food.

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