Carolina Garcia

Carolina Garcia

She is guiding the entertainment the industry into the future.

Meet Carolina Garcia, one of the few Latinas executives in Hollywood and Netflix. Garcia’s work helped bring ‘The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina,’ ‘Stranger Things,’ ‘13 Reasons Why’ and ‘Fuller House’ to millions worldwide.

The Argentinian born, California raised Garcia got obsessed with television when watching Jack Bauer in the Fox drama ‘24.’ Garcia is currently the Director of Original Series at Netflix, a position she has held for 5 years. Prior to Netflix she worked at 20th Century Fox for 9 years, starting as an unpaid intern and commuting four hours each day, and working her way up to become the Manager of Current Programming.

One of Garcia’s initiatives at Netflix is “long-lasting change” focusing on more inclusive programming. Some of the beneficiaries of Netflix‘s $100 million programming initiative will be shared with the Los Angeles Latino International Film Festival’s Latino Film institute and the National Association of Latino Independent Producers. According to CNN Garcia said, “I love it when people of our culture shine. It’s just a good thing for, you know, la gente. The world needs more of that -- not at the expense of anyone else -- but I want us as a people to feel the pride in who we are and what we do.”

Carolina was named to ‘Fortune’s 40 under 40’ in 2020 and the ‘Next Gen 2019: Hollywood’s 35 Rising Executive 35 and Under’ by the Hollywood Reporter.

When asked by the Hollywood Reporter about the biggest change she’s witnessed in Hollywood, she said: “When I first started, I noticed people weren’t comfortable being themselves (myself included). There was a lot of covering up who you really were in an effort to fit in, succeed (especially women) and be liked. What I love most is that I’ve noticed this ‘coming out’ of sorts, where people have permission to a) be themselves and b) have a life and hobbies outside of work. We can’t be effective, creative leaders if all we are is a robotic shell of ourselves.”

We thank you for all of your hard work and are excited to see what else you do for the community. Congratulations on becoming a Latina Powerhouse!

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