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Suffer from manchas? Gaby Espino gets the scoop from experts

Neutrogena hosted its SkinU masterclass to discuss manchas (hyperpigmentation), a skin concern that affects many latinas

Suffer from manchas (a.k.a hyperpigmentation)? You are not alone, 52.7% of U.S. Hispanics deal with this skin concern. For that reason, Neutrogena and its Hispanic Brand Ambassador - Gaby Espino, celebrity makeup artist - Erick Cuesta, board-certified dermatologist - Dr. Bertha Baum, and research & development scientist - Kenia Bido-Baez hosted the SkinU masterclass and invited a group of beauty influencers to provide more helpful tips and insight on best practices to prevent and/or improve hyperpigmentation.

Neutrogena SkinU masterclass©Courtesy
On August 10th, Neutrogena held a SkinU masterclass at the Mr. C Hotel in Miami. The conversation centered around manchas, a skin concern many hispanics deal with.

During the class, these experts looked at a full skincare and beauty regimen, from cleansing, acne, facial moisturizing treatments, suncare and even makeup. Here, they had dived into the science of it by looking closely at key ingredients and encouraged the participants to ask as many questions as possible to evaluate their skin needs. This way, each could leave with the right personal routine for each of their skin types.

At the class and also in a post Instagram post, Gaby said that “as a Latina who has gone through her struggles with Manchas, I’ve learned that the base of all things beauty is health and happiness. We should learn how to properly give our skin the care that it deserves, so that we can feel confident within our own skin.”

Gaby Espino at Neutrogena’s SkinU Master Class©Kike Flores
Gaby Espino at Neutrogena’s SkinU Master Class

Dr. Bertha Baum, Board-Certified Dermatologist also said “There are many tools in our skin care routine that can be used to treat and prevent hyperpigmentation such as Vitamin C, Retinol and correct hydration, as well as sunscreen, which is what I recommend the most. Some key points included sun protection and re-application of the sunscreen.”

hyperpigmentation skin issues©Canva

Key takeaways from the masterclass to deal with manchas

  • Always apply sunscreen to prevent hyperpigmentation
  • Use an antioxidant like Vitamin C to help correct dark spots
  • If you want to cover your existing manchas, you can use a CC Cream, such as Neutrogena’s Clear Coverage
Dr. Bertha Baum, Board-Certified Dermatologist©Kike Flores
Dr. Bertha Baum, Board-Certified Dermatologist discusses the science behind Neutrogena products

    The SkinU masterclass focused on hyperpigmentation because it’s so prevalent in the Hispanic population, affecting 1 out of 2 people. Erick Cuesta, celebrity makeup artist also shared his professional experience dealing with this skin concern. “Working as a makeup artist, one of the most common requests from my Latinx clients is fully covering their dark spots for an even appearance. Many women, and men too, don’t know how to find lasting results, so they think that covering their manchas is the only alternative.”

    Influencers at the Neutrogena SkinU masterclass©Kike Flores
    Influencers at the Neutrogena SkinU masterclass

    Neutrogena’s SkinU masterclass provided a great conversation with a team of experts to explain the importance of a consistent skin health regimen; fueled by the appropriate ingredients.

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