Cindy Ramirez

Founder & CEO of Chillhouse on honoring your Latindad with your self-care routine

The Queen of wellness on TLC tips

HOLA! USA wants to empower the Latinx community with narratives about the contributions that Latinos have made in the U.S. It is time to celebrate our Latinidad in all its glory. These are our stories; this is Latinx.

Now, more than ever, Latinas are holding CEO and executive positions within their own companies. These trailblazing women are creating businesses that celebrate their culture while building generational wealth. Being a dedicated entrepreneur requires a lot of time and energy, which is why ChillHouse’s CEO Cyndi Ramirez created her nail salon-wellness shop. Two years ago, the 34-year-old opened her Lower East Side nail and spa self-care destination to help New Yorkers simply relax. Now, the successful Latina is known as the modern day wellness guru. We caught up with the brunette beauty at this year’s #BlogHer19 Creators Summit. Keep scrolling to find out how this beauty entrepreneur incorporates the ultimate chill career while paying homage to her heritage.

As an entrepreneur what are three key activities you do to not burn out? 

Quick getaways! I need little weekend vacations to break up the monotony of the everyday hustle. It allows me to recenter and reinvigorate. Otherwise, yoga, massages, weekly nail appointments and a glass of wine and pasta with friends.

ChillHouse CEO & Founder Cyndi Ramirez©Instagram
The wellness Founder enjoys to decompress after a long day with a sauna session

How has being Latina helped your work ethic?

We never stop! My mom showed me that no days off is a real thing. While I'm not in the office or our space everyday, I'm constantly mentally with the business and check in no matter what I may have going on in my personal life. I'm also not scared to get my hands dirty and I like to set a good example with my team that there's no such thing as ‘I'm too high up for this.’ I think Latinas are naturally very down to roll with the punches and that comes through in every obstacle that comes my way.

CEO & Founder of ChillHouse Cyndi Ramirez and Mother©Instagram
Wellness businesswoman credits her mother for her successful career

How do you practice self-care while paying homage to your Latindad?

As a Latina from Queens, I'm very used to seeing Latinas work their bodies and emotions to the bone and then have no energy for themselves. I hope to change that with the younger generation of Latinas —you can't drink from an empty cup; meaning, take care of yourself before you can take care of others. So for me, I practice what I preach. I created a space for Latinas to be reminded that we are the priority, always.

Cyndi Ramirez at ChilHouse©Instagram
ChillHouse opened its doors to the community in 2017

What advice do you have for women who want to break into the wellness space? Does it seem as if there are so many out there?

I think there's plenty of space for diversity and inclusivity in wellness. I'd like to see more investors put their money where their mouth is. We all talk about wanting a more diverse landscape when it comes to beauty & wellness yet rarely are these businesses venture-backed. Make space for people of color and give these businesses the opportunity for greatness, please. As far as advice for women who want to break into wellness, the same advice as I give anyone: find a void and bring something unique to the market. There's always room for improvement within every industry but why are you the person to solve it. Your story is your anchor. Let it guide you to your business baby.

Do you take supplements or vitamins? If so, which vitamins do you take to ensure you’re always feeling like a #girlboss?

I do! I take probiotics daily, and other gut supplements as bloating tends to be an obstacle of mine that affects my nerves and overall clarity. I also take nootropics for focus and drink a lot of green tea.

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