Dulce Candy Veterans day

How this Mexican-American beauty blogger went from army Soldier to makeup mogul

A true pioneer and leader within the Latina beauty community

Here at HOLA!, we believe in highlighting those breaking boundaries and creating change in the beauty industry. History shows Latinas that we were and still are pioneers when it comes to the business of belleza, which is why we’re spotlighting them with our weekly segment of #HOLAGlamGetters. They’re born beauty entrepreneurs, unapologetic and fabulous. They’ve used their passion for beauty to fuel their journey to success. But, ever wonder how they got there? In a world where one’s highlight reel is on replay only showcasing the glitz and glam of creating a business, we’re keeping it real with our glam-star.

For over a decade, we’ve watched Dulce Candy Ruiz, also known as Dulce Candy to her subscribers, become a makeup mogul. The Mexican-born YouTuber stole our hearts back in 2008 with her informative beauty tutorials, DIY tricks, lifestyle hacks, and fashion finds. Her successful online career helped her become an author and earn beauty collabs with Pixi beauty and TARTAN + TWINE. Needless to say, the 32-year-old Latina has inspired numerous within the YouTube space and blogging world.

Before she was our beauty hero, Dulce was an everyday warrior while serving active duty in the Army. She recalls how her time served as a soldier helped mold her path to success. As a veteran, Dulce continues to remember her patriotic roots and gives back to other war heroes as much as she can. We caught up with the beauty guru vet on her work with Sauve and The Fisher House Foundation. The organization is best known for its network of comfort homes where military and veterans' families can stay at no cost while a loved one is receiving treatment. Keep reading to find out how this Mexican-American beauty entrepreneur is evaluating her fellow vets with a thoughtful beauty brand, her personal story and more.

Dulce Candy Veterans day bun©@dulcecandy
The Mexican-American beauty is considered one of the first Latina beauty bloggers

HOLA: Tell us about the day you walked away from the base/post-military life? What feelings did you have as a young Latina? Did you know you wanted to go into the beauty industry? 

Dulce: After I was released from Active duty in the US Army, I had no idea what I wanted to do after. I did realize how much I missed playing with makeup, dressing up, and just being girly. I happened to discover YouTube and its burgeoning beauty community back in the early days when I first came back home. Just for fun, I started posting beauty tutorial videos expressing my ideas for styling outfits and expressing myself through makeup. I am so blessed to be here over a decade later inspiring women around the world to love themselves and be confident with who they are! I am thankful for my loyal audience who has been watching my content and has grown with me as I have evolved to be the woman that I am today.

Dulce Candy army veteran beauty blogger©@dulcecandy
Dulce during her active duty days on a military base with her now-husband Jesse Ruiz

What are some beauty hacks military women are known for doing?

Since women are not allowed to wear makeup, skincare was very important, especially with constant weather changes. It was important to cleanse your skin daily and stay hydrated while on-duty all day, every day. Slicked back hair was also important and something that was required!

How has the YouTube/beauty blogger space changed since you started in 2006?

There are so many more artists and such a high volume of content now. I love discovering so many unique personalities and learning from all of the individuals who are able to express themselves thanks to YouTube. I am also so happy to see more diverse talent producing content. Representation equality has always been a motivating factor for me to do more, especially so that younger generations have the opportunity to see themselves represented by people who come from similar backgrounds in the content they consume.

Dulce Candy outfit©@dulcecandy
Over the years Dulce has expanded her content beyond beauty and has become an IT girl in the fashion world as well

Let's get into your latest partnership. Suave is a household brand most Latinos grew up on, what's your favorite product you wish people knew more about?

I wish more people knew more about their Oat Milk Relief Lotion! I love it because it is super gentle on the skin, and has a subtle yet fresh smell and keeps your skin hydrated for a long time! It perfect for Winter months when everyone's skin tends to be a little drier. It's quality products at a cost-effective price point! This is another reason I am so honored to have teamed up with the brand and Fisher House to give back this Veterans Day towards a cause that is very close to my heart.

Sauve Oat Milk Relief Lotion©Sauve
Suave Oat Milk Relief Lotion, $4, target.com

Speaking of natural beauty, do you have any Mexicana DIY face or hair recipes you'd like to share with us?

My mom taught me to use onion juice for rapid hair growth as a DIY natural hair mask and it really works! Onion is known to stimulate the scalp and improve the circulation of blood which nourishes the follicles!

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