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Carolina Herrera isn't a fan of 'influencers' and here's why

The legendary Venezuelan designer says that influencers don't have a sense of style

One of fashion's most legendary and iconic designers has spoken out againt the style wave that are 'influencers.' While at the Latin Amerincan Fashion Summit in Cartagena, Colombia, Carolina Herrera was asked what her thoughts were on the way that influncers affected fashion and style on a global scale in a chat with fellow Venezuelan Entrepeneur Carmen Busquets. Needless to say, Carolina is not impressed with influencers and all that they do.

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In the video, Carolina shares how in the 80s fashion was more 'fashion' and how now everyone follows an 'anything goes' kind of style. Carmen follows up her statement by asking Carolina what she thinks about influencers, to which Carolina asks Carmen, "I should be asking you that!"

Carolina starts off admiting that she doesn't really understand influencers and explains that at the last fashion show she led, she met with a row of influencers that were dressed for a 10 am meeting as if they were going out for a night of fun.

She also poignantly stated how influencers don't really have a sense of style as they are just wearing what they are given to wear for the fashion shows that they attend (she gives the example of how they are always changing between shows).

Carolina Herrera©GettyImages
The Venezuelan designer stepped away as lead designer of her namesake fashion brand in 2018

Now the Global Brand Ambassador for Carolina Herrera, Carolina shares that designers should make clothes for the actual people who are going to wear them and not be so focused on influencers.

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