Residente, Leslie Grace and Sasha Calle to star in indie masterpiece ‘In the Summers’©Getty Images
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Residente, Leslie Grace and Sasha Calle to star in indie masterpiece ‘In the Summers’

The project delves into the lives of two Latina sisters caught in a heartbreaking dilemma concerning their father

Excitement fills the air as the final scene of the indie masterpiece, In the Summers, wraps up production. The anticipation heightens as the first breathtaking photos from the film are unveiled, showcasing a star-studded cast that includes music powerhouse René “Residente” Pérez Joglar, the talented singer and actress Leslie Grace from In the Heights, and the captivating Sasha Calle from The Flash.

Alessandra Lacorazza, a promising newcomer to the world of feature filmmaking, takes the helm as the writer and director of this highly anticipated project.

In the Summers©@lesliegrace

In the Summers delves into the lives of two Latina sisters, Eva (played by Calle) and Violeta (portrayed by the mesmerizing Lío Mehiel), who find themselves caught in a heartbreaking dilemma concerning their father (brought to life by Pérez Joglar) and his ongoing battle with addiction.

Nando Vila, the Head of Exile Content Studio, expressed his deep admiration for Lacorazza’s visionary storytelling and the script’s ability to capture the essence of Latin voices, representing the studio’s commitment to diverse and empowering narratives. “Alessandra is a visionary filmmaker and her script for In The Summers profoundly spoke to our mission at Exile to create content that uplifts Latin voices and tells rich, diverse stories,” he told Deadline. “This is a powerful story, and we are thrilled to partner with Lexicon Development, 1868 Studios and LUZ Films on bringing In The Summers to life.”

While details about Grace’s character, Yenny, are scarce, the excitement surrounding her involvement in In the Summers grows. This project marks the acting debut of Residente, who brings his raw talent and passion to the screen.

Residente In Concert - Philadelphia, PA©Getty Images

Calle and Mehiel are captured candidly in the first-look photos, standing against a weathered wall, radiating warmth and joy. Another snapshot reveals Residente and Leslie Grace seated in a chaotic home, their expressions filled with profound sadness and turmoil. However, hope shines through in a different image, depicting Residente, Calle, and Mehiel radiating happiness and unity as they stand on the picturesque beach.

Overwhelmed by her experience, Leslie Grace took to social media to express her gratitude, describing herself as blessed to be a part of the family portrait crafted by the talented Alessandra Lacorazza.

Although Residente is making his acting debut, he is no stranger to the world of film. A few years prior, he directed a captivating self-titled feature documentary, Residente, which explored his complex cultural heritage.

Joining the stellar cast of In the Summers are Dreya Renae Castillo, Kimaya Thais, Luciana Quinonez, Allison Salinas, Emma Ramos, Sharlene Cruz, Gabriela Surodjawan, and Indigo Montez, each bringing their unique talents to the tapestry of this remarkable film.

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