Omar Apollo Tiny Desk
Hispanic Heritage Month

NPR’s ‘El Tiny’ is back for Hispanic Heritage Month, with Tokischa, Farruko, and more

NPR’s Tiny Desk series highlights Latinx in their concerts on Hispanic Heritage Month.

‘El Tiny’ is back with a new batch of Latinx artists. The series is a part of NPR’s beloved Tiny Desk concerts and marks the second year in a row where the media organization honors LatinX musicians, helping them reach larger audiences and showing the world a little bit of what our music is all about.

The series is curated by Alt Latino, an NPR show hosted by Felix Contreras and Anamaria Sayre that puts Latinx artists that are not a part of the mainstream in the spotlight. The show accompanies the concerts, speaking with the performers who provide some insight on the music.

‘El Tiny’s’ line-up includes Latinx artists of all genres, from urban to R&B. These include Tokischa, Farruko, Carla Morrison, Omar Apollo, and more. The series starts airing concerts today, September 15th, with the last batch of videos airing on October 15th. The series will be made up of six concerts at the Tiny Desk flagship location and three concerts from Tiny Desk at-home set up, which was launched in 2020 in the face of the pandemic. Tiny Desk concerts reach over 16 million monthly viewers, with these users collectively watching over 50 million concerts a month. That’s a lot of eyeballs.

“The corazón of Tiny Desk is unmistakably universal. we’ve reached our gente all across Latin America for years now and for the second year in a row we get to honor them — juntos in celebration of musical excellence by us and for us,” said Sayre.

“It’s an honor to present the best of our music on such a high profile outlet like the Tiny Desk Concerts. Many of the musicians who we have brought in from Latin America have started calling it El Tiny. So that’s what I call it!!” said Contreras.

Omar Apollo kicked off this year’s “Tiny Desk” series with a showstopping concert, demonstrating his versatile music and charming approach to performing. Previous Tiny Desk concerts include Natalia LaFourcade, Karol G,Adele, Camila Cabello, J Balvin, Taylor Swift, and more.