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‘Habla Loud’ documentary highlights Latinos like Residente & Carla Morrison

The documentary will premiere on HBO Max and discusses the experiences of creative Latinos who work in entertainment.

Habla Loud” is a movie about Latino creatives. The documentary, which is a part of the “Habla” series, will premiere on HBO Max this October 7, and it will feature a variety of filmmakers, actors, writers, and more, who open up and discuss their experiences of being Latino and making their voices heard in the entertainment industry.

Habla Loud poster©HBO Max
‘Habla Loud’ poster.

The series was created by Alberto Ferreras, who also directs, and premiered recently at the New York Latino Film Festival. “I’m intrigued by personal experiences that lead to social changes,” he said in a statement. “Every story in this new installment is about transformation: how did Residente become a rapper, or Mickey Melendez become an activist and the founder of the Young Lords? How did poet Natalie Diaz rescue the language of her Mojave tribe? We spoke with artists, activists, journalists, and political representatives to reveal how their personal journeys have had an everlasting influence in the community. HABLA LOUD will help us understand the profound complexity of the Latino experience in the U.S.”

The stories selected on “Habla Loud” are those that highlight Latino heritage, where participants’ stories and experiences are heavily influenced by their culture.

Some of the talent that’s featured in the series includes René Pérez Joglar, Carla Morrison, Wilson Cruz, Isabella Gomez, Olga Merediz, Natalie Diaz, and more, a sample that demonstrates a variety of Latinos from different places, including Puerto Rico, Mexico and Colombia.

“Habla Loud” is an hour-long special. It joins a variety of important work in HBO Max’s roster, which is trying to expand their scope and create content that reflects the needs and demands of their audience.

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