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What to watch: 7 movies & shows to stream this week - May 20

From Apple TV’s “The Essex Serpent” to Hulu’s “The Valet.”

There’s a lot of stuff to stream nowadays. In hopes of helping you watch more good movies and TV, every week we sum up some of the most exciting titles streaming across all platforms. Today we recommend a mix of new releases and newly available titles, from movies and shows, all available to stream on the most popular platforms.

Now and Then (HBO Max)

Starring a bilingual cast made up of the likes of Rosie Perez, Maribel Verdú, and Marina de Tavira, “Now and Then” follows a police investigation into a strange event that occurred to six college friends on the night of their graduation. 20 years later, they’re all brought together by their shared past.

The Valet (Hulu)

Starring Eugenio Derbez and Samara Weaving, “The Valet” follows an unlucky valet who stumbles into a couple’s quarrel between a billionaire and a starlet, ending up in a paparazzi photograph. In order to prevent the scandal from going public, the actress enlists him to be her fake boyfriend.

Love on the Spectrum U.S. (Netflix)

“Love on the Spectrum” is a successful Australian reality series, trailing people on the Autism spectrum, who are desperate for finding love. The new show follows that same format and is made by the same team, this time set in America.

Love, Death + Robots (Netflix)

The third season of “Love, Death + Robots” is out now. The Netflix show is an animated anthology series produced by David Fincher, Tim Miller, and more, with a straightforward premise: every episode boasts new animation styles and features stories that deal with the topic of love, death, or robots.

Angelyne (Peacock)

Emmy Rossum is back to leading a show in “Angelyne,” a series based on the real life story of Angelyne, a blonde bombshell that appeared in Los Angeles in the ‘80s and shaped much of the celebrity culture that we experience today.

Night Sky (Prime video)

“Night Sky” is a mysterious sci-fi show starring J.K. Simmons and Sissy Spacek as a long-time married couple, which should be enough to get anyone to watch. Broadly, the series is about the couple and the secret that they hold, which could impact the world and everyone in it.

The Essex Serpent (Apple TV)

“The Essex Serpent” was released a couple of weeks ago, and is based on a novel. The story follows a widow and an archeologist at the turn of the 20th Century, who stops by a small and conservative town to investigate the possible appearance of a sea monster. It stars Claire Danes and Tom Hiddleston.