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Eugenio Derbez is a Latinx icon – here are his biggest movies

Derbez is premiering his new movie “The Valet” tomorrow. Here are a few of his best roles to tide you over.

Eugenio Derbez is one of the most accomplished actors in the world. His career kicked off from an early age, with Derbez appearing in telenovelas and Mexican movies as a kid, which later transitioned to bigger parts and Hollywood. Derbez has been a significant figure in the industry, someone who represents inclusivity through hard work. He has worked alongside some of the leading actors in the industry, and has had winning roles in a variety of films, from comedies, to Academy Award winning dramas.

With his unmistakable Latin energy and his investment in being himself to the fullest, it’s no wonder why he’s such a beloved figure all over the world. As his next film, “The Valet” is about to be released on Hulu, we’ve highlighted some of his most important movies.


Winner of the Academy Award for this year’s Best Picture, the film follows Ruby (Emilia Jones), the hearing child of a deaf family. When she joins an after school program for singing – managed by a very empathetic Derbez – Ruby realizes her love for music and song, opening up possibilities she never considered for her future.

Instructions Not Included

Directed by Derbez himself, “Instructions not Included” marked a before and after for his career. At the time, the film became the highest-grossing Spanish language film to open in North America. The film follows Valentin (Derbez), a playboy whose life is turned upside down when a daughter he never met knocks on his door.

Dora and the Lost City of Gold

Based on the incredibly successful cartoon, “Dora and the Lost City of Gold” follows Dora (Isabela Merced) as she tries to rescue her parents from the jungle, all the while uncovering an ancient Incan mystery. The film co-stars Derbez, Eva Longoria and Michael Pena.


Starring Anna Faris and Derbez, “Overboard” follows Kate, a single and hardworking mother, who, after being fired by her rich boss (Derbez), decides to take revenge by convincing him she’s his wife after he suffers an accident and loses his memory.

How To Be a Latin Lover

“How To Be a Latin Lover” is another big hit of Derbez, one that lead to his Apple TV series “Acapulco.” The film follows Maximo, a rich playboy that loses it all when his 80 year old millionaire wife dies. In order to get the life he loves back, he makes a plan to seduce a rich widow and get it all back. The film co-stars Salma Hayek, Kristen Bell and Rob Lowe.

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